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Johannes De Gruyter
Johannes De Gruyter

Executive Director

Johannes De Gruyter is the Executive Director of the Office of Academic Innovation (OAI). He has 15 years experience of progressive leadership in educational development, with a specialty in digital and lifelong learning. He is committed to envisioning higher education experiences for young people and non-traditional learners. 

Prior to OAI, he worked for the University of Leuven; leading complex, regional and multi-national projects on e-learning and innovation in higher education (EuroPACE, LERU, EADTU, Coimbra Group). He holds an MA in History from the University of Leuven and an MS in Contemporary Asian Studies from the University of Amsterdam. He also has a Postgraduate certificate in Business Management from the EHSAL Management School and a Certificate from the MIT Sloan School of Management. 

Johannes was born in Flemisht-speaking Belgium and currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and 3 year old. His research interests include educational development, digital transformation, user-centered design, and inclusive learning spaces.