Faculty News: Mellie Pullman Publishes Book on Sustainability
Author: School of Business Administration
Posted: June 15, 2012

Mellie PullmanCongratulations to Mellie Pullman, Willamette Industries Professor of Supply Chain Management and Logistics, on her book, "Sustainability Delivered: Designing Socially and Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains." The book was co-authored with School of Business graduate, Margarate Sauter (MBA '12).

The book acknowledges that today's supply chain managers are mandated with the charge to improve the sustainability of their supply chain from various stakeholders. Successful managers must implement various improvements and redesigns, measure and monitor those changes, and assist in reporting the process and outcomes to stakeholders. The book is intended to support these activities through methodologies and case examples.

It covers many approaches for integrating sustainability into the full supply chain from the design of products and services though to the take-back of recyclable content. The book also provides guidelines and tools for analyzing the current or proposed supply chain, as well as concepts for improving the sustainability dimensions of the system.

Mellie also presented “Sustainability Integration into the Core Supply Chain and Operations Class: Framework and Case Development," as well as “Sustainable Product End-of-Life Management: Shifting the Landfill Culture” at the 2012 POMS Annual conference, held in April in Chicago.