BC2BC expedition lands in Portland
Author: George Beard, Portland State University
Posted: June 19, 2012

A small crowd of well wishers greeted intrepid travelers Tony WIlliams and his 10-year old daughter at Electric Avenue late Wednesday after their day-long travels up I-5 in their all electric Nissan Leaf. This latter day Charles Lindberg is a pilot himself who is thought to be the first person to traverse the West Coast Green Highway entirely by electric car from Tijuana, Baja California all they way to British Columbia.

The Williams family was greeted by Patrick O'Conner (OEVA), Ashley Horvat (ODOT), John Macarthur (OTREC), George Beard (PSU), Mark Brady (Business Oregon) and Charlie Allcock (PGE). Electric Avenue provided a much appreciated waystation, where the travelers plugged into the Eaton DC quick charger before continuing north to Seattle.

Well played, Mr. Williams... thanks for being a pioneer and thanks for stopping by Electric Avenue!

You can follow Tony's trip at