Jonathan Fink: Bio Sketch, Presentations, Publications

Jonathan Fink is Professor of Geology and Director of PSU's Digital City Testbed Center. From 2010-2016 he was PSU’s first Vice President for Research and Strategic Partnerships. In that role he worked with PSU’s faculty and administrators to shape the university’s portfolio of research and creative activities and to link those to the needs and interests of partners in Metro Portland and beyond. Prior to moving to Portland in September 2010, Dr. Fink spent 30 years at Arizona State University in a variety of faculty and administrative positions, including Professor of Geological Sciences, Chairman of the Geology Department, Vice President for Research and Economic Affairs, University Professor of Sustainability, University Sustainability Officer, and Director of the Global Institute of Sustainability. His primary scientific expertise is on the physics and chemistry of volcanic eruptions on earth and other planets. His current research and policy interests also concern problems of urban sustainability, conservation biology, natural hazards, renewable energy, and trans-boundary water conflicts.

Dr. Fink received a B.A. in geology and biology from Colby College, a Ph.D. in geology from Stanford University, and held post-doctoral appointments in the Applied Math Department at the Weizmann Institute (Israel) and in the Planetary Geology group at ASU. In 1992-93 he was Director of the National Science Foundation's Geochemistry and Petrology Program, and a visiting scientist at the Smithsonian Institution. He also has been a Visiting Fellow on several occasions in the Research School of Earth Sciences at Australian National University. He is a fellow of the Geological Society of America and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a Trustee of the Oregon Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, a member of the Board of Advisors of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History, a trustee of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and a member of the National Board of Advisors for KB Home.


Past Presentations

MSU 03-23-12 Final.pdf

ASU President's Community Enrichment Program_ The Urban Genome Project_ Deciphering Cities' DNA to Solve Sustainability Challenges, January 12, 2010.pdf

Arizona Republic Suntech Editorial.pdf

What kind of model is Phoenix for 21st Century Sustainable Cities- Brownfields Conference, 11-18-09.pdf

Slides_ 4 Million People, 100 Degrees F, 100 Days in a Row_ “Greening” Phoenix and Other “Tan” Cities, Gaining Ground Conference, 10-22-09.pdf

Slides_ Working Across the Sectors to Address the Complex Challenges of Sustainability, Greater Than Conference, 7-28-09.pdf

Enhancing conservation decision-making_ Tools for visualization and engagement.pdf

Possible urban sustainability partnerships between Phoenix Arizona and Helsinki, August 15, 2008.pdf

Decision making about water use in Arizona and the Middle East, November 20, 2007.pdf

Solar Power 2007_ Carbon Policy and Solar Energy Development and Deployment, September 25, 2007.pdf

Building Collaborative Relationships with Chinese Research Institutions, June 27, 2007.pdf

Redesigning Arizona State University_ A focus on sustainability, April 16, 2007.pdf

Science Supporting Water Management, October 11, 2006.pdf

Best Practices of a Smart City_ ASU's Role in Transforming Greater Phoenix, July 26, 2006.pdf

Modeling urban systems_ An under-explored research frontier, July 24, 2006.pdf

Raising Awareness of future environmental crises_ How can volcanologists help - May 2006.pdf

Facilitating and Achieving Research Growth_ University Council - September 12, 2005.pdf

Using Science and Technology to Inform Decision-Making About Water Use, June 27, 2005.pdf

China-U.S Collaboration on Rapid Urbanization, August 2004.pdf

Urban Systems Research_ Federal-USGS Opportunities, March 24, 2004.pdf

Recent Publications

Allenby, B., and Fink, J., 2005. Toward inherently secure and resilient societies. Science 309, 1034-10361


Fink, J.H., 2011. Cross-sector Integration of urban information to enhance sustainable decision-making. IBM Journal        of  Research and Developemnt 55, 12:1-12:8

Fink - IBM J of R&D 2-11.pdf

Fink, J.H., 2011. The Case for an Urban Genome Project: A shortcut to Global Sustainability? Nat. Academy of                  Engineering Bridge 41 (1): 5-12.

Fink - Urban Genome Project NAE Bridge.pdf

Fink, J.H., 2011. Phoenix, the role of the university, and the politics of green-tech, in Salvin, M.I. (ed.) "Sustainability        in America's cities: Creating the green metropolis" Island Press, 69-90.

Sustainability in America's Cities Ch 6 - Phoenix_9-23-11 Final.pdf

Fink, J.H., and Clarke, A.B., 2013. Volcanic Flows, in Fernando, H.J. (ed.) "Handbook of Environmental Fluid                    Mechanics," C.R.C. Press (in press).

Fink and Clarke _Volcanic Flows_ Chapter.pdf

Fink, J.H., 2013. Geoengineering cities to stabilise (sic)climate. Engineering Sustainability (in press).

Geoengineering Cities to Stabilise Climate - JFink.pdf