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IP Policies and Guidelines: Simple Copyright Chart

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The following is a simplification of PSU's copyright materials ownership and disclosure guidelines.  Please see the full guidelines for more detailed and thorough descriptions.

At PSU, employee authors and creators will own the copyright to works and materials which they create UNLESS:

  • The works were developed with significant  institutional resources, or
  • The works were developed using funds awarded under a sponsored project or otherwise administered by PSU, or
  • The works were developed as a part of a specific work assignment, e.g. given by a supervisor or identified in an employment agreement.

For some copyright materials that are owned by PSU under the rules above, the authors and creators have the ability to use and distribute the materials as they see fit.  For copyright materials published in a journal or book for which the publisher requires assignment of copyrights, PSU waives its ownership requirement.  The following flowchart summarizes the guidelines.