Innovators & Entrepreneurs Profiles

EndoBright, a New Approach to Natural Colorants

Clean Challenge semifinalists EndoBright propose producing a natural dye that may overcome some of the primary disadvantages of using natural dyes in foods and cosmetics.

Unleashing the Power of Business for Social Impact

The Social Innovation Incubator at Portland State University provides entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs resources, networks, and encouragement they need for their business to succeed while achieving positive social change.

Student Innovators: Matthew Stewart

PSU engineering student and long distance runner Matthew Stewart introduces a design for a cart to carry gear for runners.

Student Innovators: Kristina Rodgers and Nick Spaulding

PSU engineering students Kristina Rodgers and Nick Spaulding build a car safety harness for dogs, addressing design flaws in other similar harnesses.



Student Innovators: The Tea Meister Team

Innovation Program participants are brewing up innovations one cup at a time.

The Entrepreneurship Club at Portland State University

Fostering entrepreneurship by turning ideas into businesses and organizations that impact the world and provide students with a  path to pursuing their dreams.

PSU Entrepreneurs: Green Innovations Inc.

Turning used oil into affordable diesel fuel for carriers in Portland's trucking industry.



Student Innovators: Buck McKay

Mechanized modulation: how a device built by a PSU mechanical engineering student allows for hands-free manipulations of effects pedals for musicians.

PSU Entrepreneurs: HoneyComb Corporation

Employing unmanned aircraft systems to provide better data for precision agriculture.

Bringing Innovation to Light

Entrepreneurial students get hands-on experience with commercializing state of the art technology in the New Venture Management course.