"Guilty Except for Insanity" DVD


“He needed help and the only way we could get him help was to take him to the state hospital, and the only way he could go to the state hospital was if he committed a crime.” 

- From Guilty Except for Insanity

“Rich in nuanced attention to the complexities of the interlocking systems of mental health and criminal justice (what Michel Foucault would call systems of biopolitical control), Guilty Except for Insanity attends to the human stories of those seeking care in this maddening labyrinth.  The film should be an excellent starting point for discussions of community health services, social action research, and the responsibilities of filmmakers to those they profile.”
- Frann Michel, Professor of English, Willamette University

“[Guilty Except for Insanity] Unfolds as a profound critique of institutional care tragically overtaken by the criminal justice system."
- Lynne Layton, Harvard Medical School

Guilty Except for Insanity: Maddening Journeys through an Asylum from Jan Haaken on Vimeo.

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