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Faculty Publications Q2 2014

The following is a list of faculty publications and work accepted for publication between October 1st and December 31st, 2013. Records were submitted by faculty and appear exactly as submitted.

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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Boghossian, P. “A Manual for Creating Atheists,” November 2013. Philosophy

Boghossian, P. “Interview with Dr. Peter Boghossian,” The Claremont Journal of Religion Vol 3: Issue 1. January 2014. Philosophy

Boghossian, P. “How to create an _____ (Hint, It begins with an ‘A’ part ‘Deus’: An interview with Peter Boghossian,” The Amish Jihadist. January 2014. Philosophy

Brannan, D., Biswas-Diener, R., Mohr, C., Mortazavi, S., Stein, N. “Friends and family: A cross-cultural investigation of social support and subjective well-being,” Journal of Positive Psychology, 8(1), 65-75. 2013. Psychology

Bray, J., Kelly, E., Hammer, L.B., Almeida, D., Dearing, J., King, R., Buxton, O. “An Integrative, multilevel, and transdisciplinary research approach to challenges of work, family, and health,” RTI Press, publication No. MR-0024-1303. 2013. Psychology

Castek, J., Lapp, D. “Selected Materials for the literacy program,” S. Wepner, D. Strickland and D. Quatroche (Eds.) The Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs (5th Edition). 2013. Applied Linguistics

Castek, J., Cotanch, H. “Examining 7th graders’ tablet-created screencasts to promote safe driving: Reflections from a Service Learning Project,” Exploring Multimodal Composition and Digital Writing [R. Ferdig and K. Pytash (Eds.)]186-200. 2013. Applied Linguistics

Castek, J., Beach, R. “Using apps to support disciplinary literacy and science learning,” Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 56(7) 554-564. 2013. Applied Linguistics

Cervetti, G., Tilson, J., Castek, J., Bravo, M., Tranin, G. “Examining multiple dimensions of word knowledge for content vocabulary understanding,” Journal of Education 192(2/3) 49-61. 2013. Applied Linguistics

Chappell, M.J., Wittman, H., Bacon, C.M., Ferguson, B.G., Barrios, L.G., Barrios, R.G., Jaffee, D., Lima, J., Méndez, V.E., Morales, H., Soto-Pinto, L., Vandermeer, J., Perfecto, I. “Food sovereignty: an alternative paradigm for poverty reduction and biodiversity conservation in Latin America,” F1000 Research 2:235, doi: 10.12688/f1000research.2-235.v1. 2013. Sociology

Chang, H., Jung, I.W., Risley, J. “Effects of runoff sensitivity and catchment characteristics on regional actual evapotranspiration trends in the conterminous US,” Environmental Research Letters 8, 044002. October 2013. Geology

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Coiro, J., Sekeres, D., Castek, J., Guzniczak, L. “Examining middle-school students’ use of Diigo annotations to engage in collaborative argumentative writing,” R. Anderson and C. Mims (Eds). Digital Tools for Writing Instructions in K-12 Settings: Student Perception and Experience. In press. Applied Linguistics

Cottrell, E.K., O’Brien, K., Curry, M., Meckler, G.D., Engle, P.P., Jui, J., Summers, C., Lambert, W., Guise, J.M. “Understanding Safety in prehospital emergency medical services for children,” Prehospital Emergency Care. In press. Psychology

Cowburn, S., Carlson, M.J., Lapidus, J.A., DeVoe, J.E. “The Association Between Insurance Status and Cervical Cancer Screening in Community Health Centers: Exploring the Potential of Electronic Health Records for Population-Level Surveillance, 2008-2010,” Prev Chronic Dis 2013; 10:130034. 2013. Sociology

Curry-Stevens, A., Lopezrevoredo, A., Peters, D. “Policies to eliminate racial disparities in education: A literature review,” Center to Advance Racial Equity. 2013. Sociology

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Dresner, M., Rivera, C.D., Fuccillo, K.K., Chang, H. “Improving Higher-Order thinking and knowledge retention in Environmental Science Teaching,” BioScience 64: 40-48. 2014. Environmental Science and Management

Eastman, M., Hedinger, D., Qian, W., Hudson, W., Jiang, B., Jiao, J. "Raman spectroscopy and band structure of Pd-hybridized multilayer graphene,” Carbon, Volume 68, March 2014, Pages 687-694. November 2013. Physics

Elzanowski, M., Preston, S. “On Continuously Defective Elastic Crystals,” Miskolc Mathematical Notes, 14(3)(2013) 53-64. 2013. Math & Statistics

Ervin, D., Jussuame, R. “Integrating Social Science into Managing Herbicide-Resistant Weeds and Associated Environmental Impacts,” Weed Science 62. 2014. Environmental Science and Management

Gamburd, M. “The Golden Wave: Culture and Politics after Sri Lanka’s Tsunami Disaster,” Indiana University Press. December 2013. Anthropology

Greenstadt, A. “The Kindest Cut: Circumcision and Queer Kinship in the Merchant of Venice,” ELH: English Literary History 80 (2013):945-980. 2013. English

Hammer, L.B., Sauter, S.L. “Total worker health and work-life stress,” Journal of Environmental and Occupational Medicine. In press. Psychology

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Henningsgaard, P. “Tim Winton: A Critical Study,” L. McCredden and N. O’Reilly (Eds.), University of Western Australia Publishing. In press. English

Henningsgaard, P., Colgin, K., Veleker, C. “A pedagogical tool for studying the history of the book: Thirty-five years of bibliographical presses in Australia and New Zealand,” Script & Print 38.1. In press. English

Henningsgaard, P. “Teaching Australian literature in a class about literature of social reform,” Antipodes 28.1. In press. English

Henningsgaard, P. “Entry about Peter Carey for the Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies(ed. By Sangeeta Ray and Henry Schwarz),” Malden, MA:Wiley-Blackwell. In press. English

Henningsgaard, P. “Entry about Mudrooroo for the Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies(ed. By Sangeeta Ray and Henry Schwarz),” Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. In press. English

Henningsgaard, P. “Review of from Codex to Hypertext: Reading at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century (Ed. By Anouk Lang),” SHARP News 22.4. In press. English

Hutchinson, I., Peterson, C.D., Sterling, S. “Late Holocene tsunami deposits at Salt Creek, Washington, USA,” Science of Tsunami Hazards: Journal of Tsunami Society International Vol 32:4. 2013. Anthropology

Jacobs, G., Castek, J., Pizzolato, A., Reder, S., Pendell, K. “A closer look at adult digital literacy acquisition,” Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. Accepted. Applied Linguistics

Jaffee, D., Newman, S. “A Bottle Half Empty: Bottled Water, Commodification, and Contestation,” Organization and Environment 26(3): 318-335. 2013. Sociology

Kim, D., Woo, H. “Adolescent’s Educational Experience, Social Relations, and Suicidal Ideation in Korea,” 7th KELS (Korean Education Longitudinal Study) Conference. 2013. Sociology

King, M.C., Salinas, A.L., Corbett, J.G., Morales, R.R., Cruz, A.S.G., Williams, K. “El Impacto de la Reforma de Inmigración Estadounidense a Nivel Estatal en Migrantes Mexicanos Indocumentados: la Pérdida de Acceso a Licencias de Manejo en Oregon (The Impact of State-Level Immigration Reform on Undocumented Mexican Immigrants: Loss of Access to Driver’s Licenses in Oregon)”. Forthcoming. Economics

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Lax, R. “Poems (1962-1997),” Seattle: Wave Books. November 2013. English

Lee, K.H., Woo, H. “Stressors, Social Support, Religious Practice, and General Well-being among Korean Adult Immigrants in California,” Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 2013, 10:421-434. 2013. Sociology

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Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science

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School of Business Administration

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School of Social Work

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College of the Arts

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Graduate School of Education

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