Laboratory of Biomolecular CryoEM The Reichow Lab uses cryoEM to illuminate the structures of biological macromolecules and unveil the inner-workings of these miraculous nano-machines.
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The Reichow Lab is using biomolecular cryoEM to directly visualize the molecular mechanisms driving biology ~

We are a new research laboratory in the Department of Chemistry at Portland State University - located in the newly developed Robertson Life Sciences Building (RLSB), on Portland's Southwest Waterfront. 

Our research is aimed at understanding the mechanisms of human disease at the atomic-level. The goal of our work is to describe how individual proteins in our cells interact and function at the molecular level, and how their functions become aberrant in disease. To achieve this aim, we are using cutting-edge methods in electron cryo-microscopy (cryoEM) to directly visualize these nano-scale machines in action. The ultra-high resolution images obtained by cryoEM are used to produce 3D-reconstructions of protein structures with 'atomic-level' detail. The resulting 3D models provide mechanistic information on how proteins respond to various physiological and disease-state conditions. With this ultra-structural detail and insight into protein function, we are providing the architectural framework required for the development of novel pharmaceutical and genetic therapies targeted at treating their associated diseases.