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Online Grading

The PSU online grading system allows for submission of end of term final grades, grade changes, corrections to initial grades, submission of late grades and removal of incompletes. Review the following instructions to learn how to enter grades.

Entering Term Final Grades
  1. Log in at (if you are having trouble logging in, please contact the OIT HELP Desk at 5-4357) 
  2. Select Faculty Services 
  3. Click on Final Grades 
  4. Select the term and your course 
  5. Select the CRN (Course Reference Number) from the pull down list of your CRN listings. Click Submit CRN. This will bring a list of all registered students in your course/section. If no students are registered, this message will appear: “Stop. There are no students registered for: [course name, number, section]” 
  6. Select a Grade from the pull down menu for each student you wish to grade at this time.
Grade Mode Column

The Grade Mode column following the Grade field will identify the grading mode of the course and the grading option selected by the student at the time of registration. This Grade Mode controls which grades are valid for the student. Only valid grades are displayed in the Grade pull down menu. For example: A grade mode of P/NP in the grade mode column indicates that only a Pass or No Pass grade can be assigned, not A-F.

Missing Grades

Selecting no grade (‘None’) in the Grade field will result in automatic assignment of a mark of M for missing grade after the final grade submission deadline. M grades will change to a grade of X, one term after the initial term. Once converted to an X, cannot be changed. All Student inquiries regarding M grades are referred to the instructor.

Registration Status Column

A "W" in this field indicates that the student has withdrawn from the course, resulting in mark of W. W marks cannot be changed by instructors.

After entering grades for the course, click on Submit Changes. You may change or override your final grades an unlimited number of times until the end of the grading period.

Last Date of Attendance (LDA)

At the time of online grade submission in Banweb, instructors must enter a last date of attendance (LDA) or the date of the last academically-related activity for each student who is assigned a grade of F, NP or X

For more information, click here.

Changing Grades
  1. Enter your Username and Password (if you are having trouble logging in, please contact the OIT HELP Desk at 5-4357.)
  2. From the Quick Menu link at the top of the PSU Home Page, click on the Faculty & Staff link under "I am a ...", then click on Log in to Banweb.
  3. Select Faculty Services from the menu.
  4. Select Online Grade Change from the list displayed.
  5. Select a research or project student or a non-research course.
  6. Once student selection has been made, enter grades and click "Submit" to save the change.

Note: You will only see courses that are eligible for online grade change (1year/5 term limit). All grade changes past the time limit require approval from the Scholastic Standards Committee via student petition.

Banner System Messages You May Receive

If a grade change is successful, you will receive a message that says: “Supplemental grade change completed successfully. The newly assigned grade is now reflected on the student’s official transcript”.

If you are trying to submit a grade for a student who has already graduated you will receive an error message that says: “Student graduated more than 30 days ago from degree program to which this course applies. The transcript is sealed and the grade cannot be changed.”

If you try to enter a grade for a course that has not been “rolled” properly to the student’s academic history record, you will receive a message that says: “ Course not entered in academic history. Contact the Registrar's Office for assistance”.