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Who are Portland State University's incoming MBA students?
Author: School of Business Administration
Posted: November 6, 2012

As the new MBA cohort settles in at the School of Business, we're getting to know a bit more about who they are as a class.

Some interesting highlights include the fact that our full time cohort has more female students (54%) than the national average (approximately 36%). The full time program also attracts a high percentage of international students (38%) from several countries including China, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Nigeria and Germany. Here are some additional stats:

Full time MBA cohort

  • Average of 6.4 years of work experience
  • 62% domestic students, 38% are international students
  • Females 54%, Males 46%
  • Average age: 30

Part time on-campus MBA cohort

  • Average of 9.8 years of work experience
  • 91% are domestic students; 9% are international students
  • Males 67%, Females 33%
  • Average age: 32

Part time online MBA cohort

  • Average of 11.8 years of work experience
  • 95% domestic students, 5% are international students
  • Males 76%, Females 24%
  • Average age: 35