About RRI

For the last 47 years, the Regional Research Institute for Human Services (RRI) has been dedicated to improving the design, management, practice, and evaluation of human services and social service delivery systems. As the research arm of the School of Social Work at Portland State Universiy, the RRI offers a range of services, including community-engaged evaluation services, investigator-initiated research, and developmental or systems change work.

What We Do 

RRI works to meet the needs and address the priorities of community partners through evaluation services. RRI faculty and staff help partners:

  • Develop and evaluate field-initiated demonstration projects in response to federal funding opportunities;
  • Conduct process studies of broad system-level initiatives; and
  • Undertake evaluations sponsored by state and local entities to understand and improve program effectiveness. 

A Nationally Recognized Model of Community-Engaged Research

RRI is nationally recognized for consumer-driven and community-engaged research, with an emphasis on: 

  • Partnership and collaboration;
  • Advocacy for social justice; 
  • Rigorous methods and high quality products;
  • Interdisciplinary study;
  • Commitment to the educational mission of the School of Social Work and the university.

RRI researchers work in collaboration with a wide range of partners, helping them to meet evaluation requirements that accompany grants and cooperative agreements, while also ensuring that local concerns are addressed. RRI faculty and staff work with partners to design program evaluations, develop logic models, identify intended outcomes, develop procedures to monitor fidelity, and create strategies to assess short- and long-term outcomes. 

Committed to Our Local Community

Community partners have always been a focus of our reserarch partnerships.  Working closely with local partners has encouraged cross pollination of talent, benefiting both the partners and our research.

Our People Are Committed to Making Change Happen

The faculty and staff of the RRI are interdisciplinary and include social workers, psychologists, sociologists, professionals in education, law, medicine, public health, statistics, and social science methodology. All are committed to making change happen.