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Water Fitness Classes

Water X

This class will move through both deep and shallow water to combine low impact but high intensity exercises into a great total body workout in the pool.  With a variety of cardio, core, and strength work you can look forward to a great sweat!  No swim experience required. Visit the Schedules/Events page for the current class schedule.

    Some benefits of water aerobics include:

    • Customizable workouts (you can make the workout what you want it to be just by increasing/decreasing movement size or pace -- easy to VERY HARD)

    • Do not have to be a swimmer

    • Deep water aerobics are non-weight bearing.  Great for people who are coming off an injury or who haven't worked out in awhile.

    • Your body works against the resistance of the water

    • Total body workout

    • Core muscles are engaged the entire time

    • Cardio and strength training in every class