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Welcome to Thrive X!


Thrive X is Campus Rec's winter quarter Health Promotion program composed of weekly, 50 minute sessions designed to increase holistic health and mental wellbeing. Our team draws inspiration from Positive Mindset, Self-Empowerment, Community Building, financial health practices, and healing through art and sound techniques.

This program is open to the entire PSU community, no Rec Center membership required. Thrive X is free for Campus Rec members (this includes all current PSU students!) and costs $10 for non-members (includes access to all eleven sessions). Non-members can register at the Member Services desk of the Rec Center starting January 6th at 8am. Come see how you can turn your mental landscape into one that allows you the space and strength to take on your world.

Much like Group X classes, Thrive X sessions are drop-in style and non-sequential. Simply come to the classes you’re interested in, no need for prior registration or knowledge. Please contact the Thrive X team  with any questions or concerns.



Event Calendar 2020


Thursday, January 9th - Finding the Power Within: to make positive change, to become more healthy, and to make your own well-being a priority. 

Thursday, January 16th - Coming Together: Communal Mandala Building for Unity

Thursday, January 23rd -Transcending the B.S. with Kiara Akasha 

Thursday, January 30th -  Gratitude and a Path Towards Forgiveness

Thursday, February 6th - First Aid for the Active Brain 

Thursday, February 13th - Be Your Own Valentine: Self Massage as Self Care

Thursday, February 20th - Turning Inward: Centering the Body Through Meditation  

Thursday, February 27th - Sound Healing, with Andrew Marshall 

Thursday, March 5th - Using Art Therapy to Understand Emotional Regulation  

Thursday, March 12th- Healing Your Relationship with Food and Your Body with Haley Jones, BS, CBTP

Thursday, March 19th - Plant Some Peace in your Life with Terrariums

Check out this link for more information on the events and descriptions!




When and where will the classes be held?

The classes will be held every Thursday during the Winter Term (January 6th through March 21st) from 11:00am to 11:50am in ASRC 450, the small GroupX room on the 4th floor of Campus Rec.

Do I need to come to every session?

No. While we would love our participants to attend as many sessions as possible, Thrive X sessions are drop-in style and non-sequential (much like Group X classes). Simply come to the classes you’re interested in.


Do I need to wear workout gear?

Nope, feel free to come directly from work or class. Our sessions are more about improving your emotional strength than your physical strength!


Are the classes wheelchair accessible?

Yes! That being said, some of our activities may be movement based. If you’re concerned, check the event schedule or contact us in advance to find out if our program fits your needs and we will do our best to accommodate.


Can I bring my dog/cat/goldfish/toucan?

PSU allows service animals of all kinds, but sorry, no pets.


Is Thrive X a competition?

No. The program is simply intended to help members of the PSU community improve their holistic wellbeing by providing interactive opportunities to learn about and practice a range of primarily emotional and social wellbeing topics throughout the long Portland winter.



Contact Us


Feel free to contact the Thrive X team any time with feedback, suggestions, or questions.