The Rec Center is now open for PSU students and faculty/staff members on with new guidelines to protect employees and patrons. During our initial reopening of the Rec Center, we have reduced hours of operation and limited occupancy. For this reason, we are initially limiting access to our fee-paying students, as well as PSU faculty and staff.

A facility reservation is required in order to access the Rec Center facility. Campus Rec members can reserve a time slot up to 48 hours before visiting the facility using our online facility reservation system. 

Review the FAQs below for reopening resources.


During this time of physical distancing, we are bringing the Rec Center to you! Stay active and engaged with virtual offerings, including:

Explore our virtual recreation and wellbeing offerings

 Rec Center Reopening Video

Watch Campus Rec's reopening video for everything you need to know before returning to the Rec Center. Campus Rec staff will take you on a virtual walk-through of the facility to give you an idea of what the Rec Center will be like when you return.


As we enter into our initial phase of reopening, things will look and operate differently at the Rec Center. Yet behind the masks and spray bottles, we are still your Campus Rec community, committed to providing an inclusive environment where recreation and wellness opportunities inspire, empower, and educate. Our team will do everything we can to provide exceptional recreation and wellbeing opportunities, while also prioritizing the safety of our patrons and staff.


Who Can Access the Rec Center

During our initial reopening of the Rec Center, we are planning for reduced hours of operation and limited occupancy. For this reason, we have decided to initially limit access to our fee-paying students, as well as PSU faculty and staff.

We have not forgotten about all of our other members who have long been a part of the Campus Rec community. We will keep you informed as to when you can return to the Rec Center, and will continue to offer virtual programming throughout fall term. Stay active and engaged during this time of physical distancing with our virtual recreation and wellbeing resources.

For details on your membership status, please visit our Member Services webpage. If you have questions or concerns regarding your Campus Rec membership, contact Joe Hanseling at


Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. (See cleaning schedule below)

  • 7 a.m. - 10 a.m. Open
  • 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. Closed for cleaning
  • 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Open
  • 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. Closed for cleaning
  • 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. Open 

Saturday & Sunday: Closed 


All PSU buildings will remain locked over the summer and fall and will only be accessible with a PSU ID card. Current PSU students, faculty, and staff can use a valid PSU ID card to access the Rec Center. If you do not have a valid PSU ID card, contact ID Services in order to obtain one. 


  • Strength training and conditioning spaces - Capacity restricted; facility reservation required.
  • Equipment check-out items - Items may be limited.
  • Indoor climbing wall - Capacity restricted; bouldering only; Climbing Center reservation is required. Drop-in participation allowed if spots are available.
  • Cardio zones
  • In-person Group X fitness classes - Capacity restricted; facility reservation AND GroupEx Pro pre-registration required.
  • Personal training - In-person and virtual personal training offered based on client preferences. Both the trainer and client are required to wear masks during sessions.
  • Outdoor gear rentals - Items may be limited.
  • Day-use lockers - Capacity may be limited. 


  • No guest passes
  • No swimming pool or spa - During our initial reopening, the pool and spa will remain closed. As Multnomah County moves out of Phase 1, we will provide more information about the reopening of the Rec Center pool and spa. 
  • No towel service
  • No locker rooms and lockers
  • No lounge areas
  • No Rec Sports office
  • No water fountains  - Water fountains throughout the facility are closed, except for the automatic water bottle filling station on the second floor near the locker rooms. Be sure to bring a filled water bottle with you!
  • No contact sports (e.g. basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer) 



Face masks are required to enter the facility and must be worn at all times while in the Rec Center. This includes during exercise and times of exertion. Please adjust your workouts accordingly.

Portland State University and the state of Oregon require a face mask that rests snugly above the nose, below the mouth, and on the sides of the face. In accordance with current CDC guidance, PSU does not consider face shields, neck gaiters, buffs, or bandanas as acceptable substitutes for masks. Visit PSU's Masks, Hygiene, and Sanitation webpage for more information.

Campus Rec staff will be wearing masks and we need you to do the same to help us in making the Rec Center a safe space. For more information, visit PSU’s Return to Campus webpage.


We have spaced out equipment, added signage, and placed cues on the floor to indicate the physical distancing requirements and direction of travel required in the Rec Center. You may also find new exits from the facility and one-way staircases. In most cases, we will ask you to maintain the typical 6 feet of distance from others. In some instances, we may ask you to increase the distance between you and your neighbor. For example, if you and your neighbor are both breathing harder during your workout, you may be asked to distance yourselves more than 6 feet apart. Our staff are here to point you in the right direction and provide you with reminders as needed.


Our facility has an occupancy limit set by the state for the total number of people in the facility, including staff. The current occupancy limit is 100 people, and we cannot exceed that number. We are monitoring capacity using the facility reservation system for facility use and the GroupEx Pro pre-registration system for in-person Group X classes.

Throughout the coming months, we may decide to set limits lower than the state requires. You will also notice that we have set capacity limits for spaces within the facility and have indicated these limits with signage. Our staff will monitor these spaces and help you in meeting these requirements as best we can.


Campus Rec members have the opportunity to reserve a time slot 48 hours before their visit to the Rec Center using our online facility reservation system - WebTrac. Instructions for reserving a time slot can be found on the Facility Reservations webpage.



Review the COVID-19 Daily Self-Checklist each day before visiting the Rec Center.


If you are not feeling well or are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 such as cough, shortness of breath, or fever, please stay home. If you are concerned that you have been exposed or are showing symptoms of coronavirus, contact your healthcare provider or call the SHAC Nurse Line with coronavirus related questions or concerns at 503.725.2515 or the 24/7 Nurse Advice Line (after hours) at 844.224.3145.


Visit the Facility Reservations webpage for more information and instructions on reserving a time slot through our online facility reservation system.


  • PSU ID card
  • Mask - required in the facility
  • Filled water bottle - one automated bottle filler is available on the second floor
  • Any other equipment you might want for your visit

NOTE: Towel checkout, drinking fountains, locker rooms, and lockers are not available at this time. 


We are all in this together. Your efforts are important to your personal safety, as well as the safety of the community. Staff will provide friendly reminders to clean machines or areas before and after each use. 

  • Wear a mask that stays in place and covers your mouth and nose at all times while you are in the Rec Center facility. This includes during exercise and times of exertion. Please adjust your workouts accordingly. Campus Rec staff will be wearing masks and we need you to do the same to help us in making the Rec Center a safe space. 
  • Equipment and spaces will be modified to meet state and local physical distancing measures. Please note various signage, floor markings, and equipment modifications, and respect these new measures.
  • Campus Rec staff will be frequently cleaning equipment between use and may ask that you relocate to a different machine or equipment area to allow for cleaning.
  • We are no longer offering cloth towels and spray bottle stations as we have in the past. You will be issued your own spray bottle for the duration of your workout, and will find heavy-duty paper towels in single-sheet dispensers. Paper towels must be thrown away after a single use. Although this does not align with our sustainability standards, it is the best alternative available to us at this time. Spray bottles will be disinfected before being issued to you, and will be returned for cleaning following your workout.
  • With reduced occupancy and hours, we ask that you refrain from sitting idly on weight benches and machines using your phone between sets. Please wrap up your set so that the next person has an opportunity to work out. 
  • To protect other patrons and staff, we ask that you limit the time spent at the Rec Center to your workout only and reduce interactions inside the facility. While we are excited to see you, the Rec Center is not being used as a gathering space or a place to hang out during this time. We hope to be able to offer a place to gather and socialize again in the future. Thank you for supporting the safety and wellbeing of our patrons and staff by complying with this request. 


Enhanced Air Handling 

  • To compliment the use of personal face coverings and masks, Campus Rec is working with building managers to ensure that our air exchange rates and mix of outside (fresh air) are set to the levels consistent with current health standards. 
  • Our automated systems are still set to turn on anytime someone is in a space. HEPA filters have been installed throughout the building.
  • As an LEED Gold Certified building, we have a number of windows that will remain operable. 

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

  • During our initial reopening, Campus Rec will maintain hours of operation that include two 1-hour periods during the day that we close the facility to clean.
  • Campus Rec staff are trained to meet new cleaning standards throughout the facility. You may notice additional hand sanitizer stations, as well as staff cleaning more frequently with spray bottles and towels or new electrostatic sprayers designed to wrap a disinfectant solution around equipment and facility touch points. 


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