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Student Fee Summary

In April of 2004, the PSU student body approved a referendum to recommend a Student Recreation Center Fee to be assessed at $41 per quarter for each student taking at least 1 credit to pay for the construction debt service and long-term maintenance of a new Student Rec Center; this fee was proposed as part of a financing package that included the use of $3 million in student building fees.  The State of Oregon gave final permission for what became known as the PCAT Redevelopment project in November of 2006.  

The Student Rec Center is scheduled to open in phases during the 2009-10 Academic Year, with the initial fee being implemented to all students taking at least one Portland State academic credit for the first time in Fall Quarter, 2009.

Each and every student that pays the fee will have free access to the building for the academic quarter in which they take a Portland State credit.  The fee is unique in the history of Portland State in that it is a dedicated fee for the construction of a specific building which benefits the entire University.  The $41 fee does not cover the entire cost of running the building and programs associated with it.  The remainder of the costs are to be covered by revenue generation and a student incidental fee allocation.

The new Student Rec Center is at the heart of PSU's commitment to its students, faculty, staff, and alumni to be a healthy campus.  Students have taken the lead in recognizing that by coming together to create this new campus building, everyone benefits.

Programs housed in the new building will include the nationally recognized Outdoor Program, Aquatics/Safety, Intramurals, over 30 Rec Clubs, Open Recreation, Fitness programs including personal training, GroupX and self-directed exercise, and a dedication to adaptive sports.  The Rec Center is approximately 100,000 sq. ft. and will be LEED Gold certified.  The entire PCAT redevelopment site includes the School of Social Work, the City of Portland Archives, the Oregon University System Chancellor's Office, and various retail entities.

Questions about the project can be directed to Alex Accetta, Director, Campus Recreation, 503.725.8787 or