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Promoting & Marketing Your Club

Marketing Resources

Before making anything please note that the Campus Rec and Rec Clubs logo must be used on all promotional materials.

Campus Rec Office- The Office in 236 of the New Rec Center has poster paper, art markers, copy machines and other supplies for clubs to use for free.

PSU Video Channel- Send a submission to play on the TV's around campus. Some clubs have experienced difficulty getting their content on the video channel. Contact OIT for support.

ASRC TV's- Club leaders can get fliers for upcoming events on campus posted on the TV's in the new rec center. Send submissions in JPEG format and at a resolution of 611 X 796 to

KPSU Radio- Email your events and activities to They need it at least two weeks prior to the event. Make sure you tell them if it's for the PSU Campus Calendar or the Community Events Calendar.

Fliers- The single most important thing you can do is distribute flyers and posters a 4-6 weeks before the date of the event. Follow through by passing out small flyers to students and community members a few days before the event. Engage the students walking around campus by talking to them about your club and give them your contact info. On the day of the event, post flyers on the entrance doors of the building and make large signs to direct people to the exact location.

Res Life-Take a maximum of 40 flyers to Res Life -- located on the 2nd floor of the Broadway Building -- and they will post them at all around student housing buildings. The address is 625 SW Jackson St., Ste. 210. Call 503-725-4370 for questions or more information

Bulletin Boards- SALP has 14 bulletin boards on campus reserved for student groups. See the bulletin board rules for more info about getting your flyers approved. All other bulletin boards on campus are free to everyone, unless otherwise marked.


Graphic Design Center- The GDC is available to help clubs design logos, t-shirts, fliers and more. Student groups get 5 free hours of design work. Contact to schedule an appointment. You can also drop by their office in the SMSU sub basement, room S30.

Tuesday Tidbits-This is a mailing list for all student groups to keep up on events. Tuesday Tidbits is sent out every Tuesday afternoon.
To submit an event, please email with your event information exactly as you wish it to be displayed in the email by the Monday before the Tuesday on which you would like your announcement to appear.

Virtual Viking- The Virtual Viking is a weekly newsletter that is e-mailed to Portland State students every Friday. If you have an event, announcement, or course offering that you would like to include in the Virtual Viking, please email the Virtual Viking ( from your PSU email account by 5pm on the Wednesday before you would like your entry to appear.

Display Cases- SALP has several display cases in SMSU for student groups. Groups can reserve a case for one week (Monday-Monday). Note: Reserved display cases must be claimed (the key must be picked up) by Monday at 4PM. Unclaimed boards are open for other student groups. Campus Rec has a reserved a case for their programs.

Sound Equipment for Events- Sound equipment can be checked out from Portland State Professional Sound. For more information go to the PSPS site.




Button Maker- Campus Rec also has a button maker (for small buttons). To check out the button maker, come into the office during the RCC, Peer Adviser, or GA office hours.

Sky Writing-Hire a pilot to write the name of your club in the sky with smoke. Make sure it will not be overcast.

Tabling- Take advantage of yearly events like Party in the Park, a Night at the Stott, and Party Near the Park. You can also table in the park blocks anytime you have an event coming up. Getting space in the park blocks uses the same form as getting space in smith. Print flyers, business cards, and calendars for those interested in your club.

The Internet- Use a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace. Post bulletins and blog about your club's upcoming events.