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Adaptive Equipment

When designing our building and purchasing our exercise equipment we used accessibility as one of our significant values, hopefully resulting in a facility that is inclusive to people of all abilities.  Below are highlights in multiple areas of Campus Rec.  Please do not hesitate to contact Jen Armbruster at 503-725-2927 or if you have any questions or comments.

Weight room pieces

In the Weight Room – our circuit includes four Inclusive Fitness Initiative approved selectorized machines from Techno Gym to work out chest, pack and shoulders.  Several pieces of Free Motion Equipment can also be used.  Special features include movable seats, handles that are easier to hold, visual cues, and lower seats that allow for easier transfers. We also have an upper-tone machine that was designed by and for a person  with quadriplegia that allows 13 different lifts to strengthen the upper body. Over at the universal station with the cables we have added velcro cuff straps that can be used around the forearms to do a variety of lifts if gripping is an issue. We have also added medicine balls with handles to make gripping easier.

               Uppertone and sport chair that is available for check out                 Velcro cuff that can connect to the machine for variety of lifting excerises

            Uppertone machine and Sport chair                              Velcro Cuff

Wide weight bench is placed in the free weight area so that someone can transfer out of their chair or if they needed the wider bench to lay out flat to do exercises that will now be possible.

Elevated mats

Elevated Mats


In the Cardio Area – Cybex treadmills provide visually impaired students with bright colors and braile, the TechnoGym Top is an arm ergometer that provides easy wheelchair access while also having all the audiovisual bells and whistles of other cardio equipment, our Recline bikes allow easy pass through access as well. One of the most exciting pieces we added in the cardio area is the Krank bike.  This is an upper body cardio piece that can be rolled into any of our cycling/Krank group ex classes and anyone can use when they are on the floor as well.  They are independent arms and the seat comes out for wheelchairs to approach or you can approach it from the other direction if you are a power chair user.  The tootsie roll seat makes it much more comfortable for a longer cardio session.