Professional License Education Credits

To become a licensed real estate Broker or Appraiser in the state of Oregon or Washington, there are specific qualifying courses (also known as pre-licensing) that must be taken. Once licensed, Brokers and Appraisers must maintain their license by taking continuing education courses.

networking conf07Many of PSU's real estate courses qualify for pre-licensing or continuing education credits for Oregon and Washington real estate Brokers and Appraisers. Click here for a detailed list of PSU courses that may be taken for qualifying or continuing education credits: Licensing reqmts student 2012.pdf. PSU's undergraduate Real Estate Finance major also satisfies the educational requirements for the CPM designation.

Each state has an agency that oversees the licensure for real estate Brokers and Appraisers. For more information about the requirements to attain or maintain these professional licenses, please see the following websites:


Oregon Real Estate Agency
Washington Department of Licensing

Regional community colleges providing pre-license courses are as follows:

Lane County Community College

Linn-Benton Community College

Portland Community College


Oregon Appraisal Certification and Licensure Board (ACLB)

Washington Department of Licensing

For questions regarding qualifying or continuing education credits for PSU real estate courses, you may contact Julie Gibson at

Instructors: please click here for procedures for instructors related to qualifying/continuing education credits. To obtain a blank attendance record for use in your class, click here.

Mortgage Brokers' License

For information about licensing requirements in the state of Oregon for Mortage Brokers, please go to the Oregon Licensing and Permit website.

Due to the specific class requirements related to lending for the mortgage brokers' license, PSU has not pursued obtaining approval for its courses to count toward this license. The Oregon Licensing and Permit website above has information about other educational institutions who provide these courses.