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  • Gerard Mildner, Ph.D. presented the paper “A Tale of Two Districts: Assessing the Success of Urban Renewal in Portland, Oregon," at the annual conference of the American Real Estate Society (ARES) on April 20, 2012 in St. Pete's Beach, Florida and at a meeting of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) on April 26, 2012 in Miami Beach, Florida.
  • Assistant professor Julia Freybote Ph.D. (with Paul G. Gallimore) presented the paper "The Impact of Transaction Price Feedback on Valuation Judgment in a Depressed Real Estate Market" at the 2012 annual conference of the American Real Estate Society (ARES) from April 17 to 21 in St. Petersburg, FL. She also acted as discussant for two scholarly appraisal papers at the conference.  
  • Gerard Mildner, Ph.D. presented "Portland Real Estate Trends," at a meeting of the Commercial Real Estate Brokers of Metropolitan Portland on Thursday, April 12, 2012 in Portland, Oregon.
  • Gerard Mildner, Ph.D. presented "Demographic Change and Real Estate Demand,"  at a meeting of National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) on October 18, 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Adjunct professor Robert Greene Ph.D., MAI, SRA, published the article "Market Conditions Adjustments for Residential Development Land in a Declining Market" in the Winter issue of the Appraisal Journal (pg. 54-60).
  • In December 2011, assistant professor Julia Freybote Ph.D. (with Karen M. Gibler) published the paper " Trust in Corporate Real Estate Outsourcing Relationships" in the Journal of Property Research (Vol. 28, Issue 4, pg. 341-360).
  • Downtown Schools and Real Estate Development Symposium - April 13, 2010

    • On April 13, 2010, the Center for Real Estate held a Symposium to present preliminary research exploring three questions: How should schools in urban or downtown settings be developed? What is the best way to redevelop existing urban schools to promote greater residential and employment density? What role do schools play in affecting the willingness of families to live in urban settings? The presentation was followed by a panel of faculty, school officials and real estate industry professionals.

    • The Center would like to thank the Counselors of Real Estate and the James E. Gibbons Educational Development Trust Fund for sponsoring the research through a $20,000 grant. The final research will be completed and posted in May, 2010.

    • "Downtown Schools and Real Estate Development" (PowerPoint file) - Presentation by Dr. Gerard Mildner, Director, Center for Real Estate

    • View the presentation notes (Word document)

Quarterly Publications

PSU's Center for Real Estate produces a Quarterly Real Estate Report, highlighting the current trends in real estate as well as an economic forecast of the real estate market. This report is made possible thanks to a donation by OAR (Oregon Association of Realtors). PSU's Center for Real Estate thanks the following organization for their generous participation in this report: Oregon Association of Realtors, Oregon RMLS, Norris Beggs & Simpson, Johnson Gardner, L.LC., Cushman & Wakefield, Wells Fargo, and Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service.

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    Real Estate Development Dissertation Topics

    Land Use


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    Movers and Stayers in Portland, Oregon's Central Eastside Industrial District. Peter Fry, 1998-99.

    Re-Presenting the Post-Industrial Neighborhood: Planning and Redevelopment in Portland's Pearl District. Robert Jones, 1998-99.

    Land Use

    Evaluating Urban Containment Programs. Arthur C. Nelson, 1983/84.

    Spatial Clustering of Sector Linked Industry in an Urban Economy. Colleen Greer Acres, 1984/85.

    The Transformation of Urban Form: A Study of the Interaction Between Policy, Urban Form, and Change in a Small City. Elton H. Schatz, 1990-91.

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