Sex Week

QRC Volunteers and staff annually plan and organize a weeklong series of events focused on discussing and learning about sex and sexuality in queer and trans communities.

Sex Week 2018 Schedule

Please contact for accessibility requests.

2/14 Wednesday:

Black Love & Sex in the Dark presented by Delta Sigma Theta, Beta Psi Chapter

5:30-6:30pm, PAC (SMSU 236)

An open discussion about being African American and being in love with yourself and your community, and how to practice safer sex. This event is a closed affinity space for black and African American people.

2/16 Friday:

Queer Film Club: Sex Week Edition

2-5pm, QRC Lounge

Viewing and discussion of sexy scenes, sexual themes, and sexuality stereotypes and tropes in Queer film.

2/19 Monday:

Social Media, Sex, & Privacy with Student Legal Services

2-3pm, WRC Lounge (Montgomery Basement)

This presentation will explore the online disclosure of intimate information, social media responses to sexual assault allegations, revenge porn, upskirting, sugar babies, and the legal landscape concerning sex, free speech, and privacy.

2/20 Tuesday:

Rescheduled times re: inclement weather!
events have been rescheduled to Monday, 2/26

2/21 Wednesday:

Rescheduled times re: inclement weather!
events have been rescheduled to Wednesday, 2/28

2/22 Thursday:

Ending the STIgma Rescheduled re: inclement weather!
event has been rescheduled to Wednesday, 2/28
Not Feeling the Love Tonight Rescheduled re: inclement weather!
event has been rescheduled to Thursday, 3/1

2/23 Friday:

NSFW Rescheduled re: inclement weather!
event has been rescheduled to Friday, 3/2

2/26 Monday - events rescheduled from Tuesday 2/20:

Just Ask: Practicing Consent and Negotiation

4-5:30, Parsons Gallery (URBN 212G)

Come see what consent and pizza have in common! Learn from Illuminate about the importance of consent and negotiation on an app, on a date, in the club, or in the bedroom! Learn creative ways to ask (and give) explicit consent in a supportive space while chomping on pizza! 

The Life of the Party: Navigating play parties, sex clubs, and group sex

5:30-7pm, SMSU 026

Sex parties are often treated like the holy grail of sex positivity, or maybe like an underground scene you need a password to attend. But they’re a lot more common than you might think.

Stella will teach you everything you need to know to have a safe and fun time whether you want to throw your own party or attend one of the many public parties around Portland.

This class will discuss ways to check in with yourself before group play so you’re confident about your boundaries, ways to negotiate with existing partners before adding people to the mix, and ways to facilitate happy & safe group experiences. We’ll cover everything from safety with multiple players, to party etiquette, to asking for what you want.

2/28 Wednesday - rescheduled events:

Free HIV Testing with CAP!

1-5pm, SMSU 326

Get an instant HIV test for free! If you're queer and/or trans and sexually active, it's reccomended that you get tested at least once a year.

HIV Risk and PrEP Presentation with CAP and SHAC

2-3pm, SMSU 329 (note room change!)

With prevention methods like PrEP, we are truly the generation that can end HIV! Miles Fletcher, PrEP Navigator with Cascade AIDS Project, and Taylor Schwab, a Health Educator at SHAC, will review the basics of HIV transmission and will discuss how PrEP works and who is a good candidate for the medication.

Ending the STIgma with RJAT

3-4pm, SMSU 329 (note room change!)

You can help end the STIgma! Join the Reproductive Justice Action Team (RJAT) as we host an interactive workshop focusing on dismantling the stigmas and misinformation about Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs). All genders welcome!

3/1 Thursday - rescheduled events:

Not Feeling the Love Tonight: A Panel on Asexuality & Aromanticism

4-5:30pm, KMC 350

Please join us for a Q&A on asexuality and aromanticism! Attendees will have the opportunity to ask asexual and/or aromantic peers questions about their identities and experiences. Snacks provided.

3/2 Tuesday - rescheduled events:

NSFW: A Panel and Info Fair About Kink and Sex Outside The Box

12-2pm, SMSU 026

Have you ever touched a flogger?  Are you interested in unconventional sex, but don't know how to ask about it?  Join us for a panel and Q&A about various kinks as well as alternative sex practices.  Afterwards, there will be an info-fair where you can learn more about several types of kinkiness and sexiness!  Snacks will be provided along with info, so bring your great questions and leave your judgments at home!