Sex Week

Sex Week 2019 Schedule

QRC Volunteers and staff annually plan and organize a weeklong series of events focused on discussing and learning about sex and sexuality in queer and trans communities. Please contact for accessibility requests.

Monday 2/11:

Sexing While Trans: Workshop and zine-making activity

1-2:30pm, SMSU 298

Dating, romance, and sex are complicated - and, for some, being trans feels like it adds to the challenge. If you're trans and looking to explore how to have conversations around bodies, sex, and physical contact with your partner(s), then come to this informative, fun workshop! There will be a presentation with resources and ideas, personal testimonies, and an empowering zine-making activity.

Tuesday 2/12:

Not Feeling the Love Tonight: A panel on asexuality and aromanticism

12-1:30pm, SMSU 329

Relationships can take many forms. Come learn more about common misconceptions around asexual and aromantic identities. How do these play into attraction and relationships? Join our group of ace/aro panelists and find out!

Queer Sex Ed 101

5-6:30pm, KMC 580

A presentation covering various LGBTQ+ sex related topics. This presentation includes content regarding how intersecting identities shape our beliefs about LGBTQ+ sex, our understanding of consent with others, and how we define sex.

Wednesday 2/13:

Tell Me What You Want: Sex Storytelling

6-8pm, Women's Resource Center (Montgomery Basement)

Can we tempt you into an evening of tea, treats and sex storytelling at the WRC? Performers will share tales of sexuality, saucy connections and otherwise sordid endeavors. Interested in presenting steamy prose? Email a draft to We are considering submissions until February 6!

Thursday 2/14:

Polyglamorous!: A panel on polyamory and nonmonogamy

2:30-4pm, SMSU 294

What is polyamory all about? What does nonmonogamy mean? How do you open up a relationship? Join us for snacks and a chance to ask a panel of fellow students your questions.

Friday 2/15:

NSFW: An Info Fair About Kink

2-4pm, KMC 580

Come hang out at this year’s NSFW, an event built around all things kink! There will be food, demonstrations, and ample opportunity to learn about kink and meet others with similar interests.