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Meet Dr. Hyun Min Lee, DDS
Meet Dr. Hyun Min Lee, DDS

Medical/Professional School: Loma Linda University
Certification/Licensure/Endorsements: Oregon Board of Dentistry, Nitrous and Health Care Provider CPR
Areas of Professional Interest: Cosmetic dentistry and treating all patients.
Personal Interests: Family, sports, church

SHAC Dental Services

SHAC Dental Services is located on campus and staffed by experienced licensed dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants. All students enrolled at the University taking five or more credits and who have paid the student health fee (included in tuition costs) are eligible for dental treatment.

Our caring and compassionate staff provides services including routine teeth cleaning and exams, digital x-rays, fillings, bleaching trays, extractions, simple root canals, crowns, veneers, dentures, partials, and night guards.

 Services get billed directly to your student account.

The Dental Clinic is located in the University Center Building and is open Monday-Saturday 8AM-5PM. For more information visit Call 503-725-2611 for an appointment.