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Energy Storage Systems, Inc.: Smarter Batteries for a Smarter Energy Grid
Energy Storage Systems, Inc.: Smarter Batteries for a Smarter Energy Grid

Founded in 2011, Energy Storage Systems Inc. (ESS) is developing a novel flow battery technology for commercial, industrial, and utility applications and is a Portland State University Business Accelerator company-in-residence. By combining inexpensive and abundant electrolyte materials with a next generation cell design, ESS is creating a cost effective and reliable battery designed to work in conjunction with the modern electric grid. This will give electricity consumers an easily incorporated means of reducing their electricity costs and provide utilities with a flexible option for integrating renewable energy sources and improving grid stability.

ESS began as a garage project in 2011 aiming to develop a cost effective energy storage solution to better align the supply and demand for electricity. In the near future, the resulting low cost, high performance batteries will be targeted to utilities to assist with the integration of renewable energy sources and improvement of grid reliability. Additionally, these batteries have the potential to significantly reduce the electricity expenditures of commercial and industrial consumers by providing a cost effective means for shifting their demand in response to tiered electricity tariff structures.

Recently, ESS was awarded a $250K grant from Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) and $1.73M from ARPA-E. With these investments the 6-person team at ESS, headed by Chief Executive Officer Craig Evans, is looking forward to further building their team and preparing for manufacturing and sales. ESS is working with the Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication (CEMN) at Portland State University and is currently a tenant in the Biosciences Lab at the Business Accelerator.

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