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Professor David Banis Professor David Banis
David Banis manages the Center for Spatial Analysis and Research in the Department of Geography.
Faculty Member
Professor Heejun Chang Professor Heejun Chang
Professor Chang, chair of the Department of Geography, concentrates his research on hydrology, water resources and management, and land use change.
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Professor Hunter Shobe Professor Hunter Shobe
Professor Shobe 's research examines cultural geography, urban landscapes, place-based branding/marketing, and geographies of graffiti and murals.
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Professor Melissa Lucash Professor Melissa Lucash
Research Professor Melissa Lucash studies forest ecology, climate change, biogeochemistry, and landscape modeling.
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Professor Paul Loikith Professor Paul Loikith
Professor Loikith's focuses are on regional climate and climate change, climate and weather extremes, and climate model analysis.
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Professor Alida Cantor Professor Alida Cantor
Professor Cantor's research focuses on political ecology, water resources, legal geography, and environmental justice.
Faculty Member
Professor Idowu Ajibade Professor Idowu Ajibade
Professor Ajibade focuses on future cities, climate change adaptation, sustainability transitions, political ecology and transformation studies.
Faculty Member
Climate Change and Wildfires Could Reshape Boreal Forests and Offset Carbon Cycling Climate Change and Wildfires Could Reshape Boreal Forests and Offset Carbon Cycling
Research Assistant Professor Dr. Melissa Lucash recently received a $1.4M grant from the National Science Foundation to study relationships between wildfires, climate change, Alaskan forests, and carbon cycling.
Enhancing Neighborhood Livability Enhancing Neighborhood Livability
Together, PSU's Institute for Sustainable Solutions, community organizations, and the City of Portland are improving neighborhoods.
Geography minor in Water Resources Geography minor in Water Resources
The Minor in Water Resources offers broad training in spatial perspectives of sociopolitical and biophysical dimensions of water resource issues at local, regional, national, and international scales.
Professor Andres Holz Professor Andres Holz
Holz runs the Global Environmental Change Lab with interests in forest dynamics, disturbance ecology, and climate-fire-human relationships.
Faculty Member
Professor Martin Swobodzinski Professor Martin Swobodzinski
Swobodzinski's research examines the intricate ways in which individual decision making is mediated through spatial technologies.
Faculty Member
Water Sustainability Water Sustainability
Professor of Geography, Heejun Chang's collaborative water research examines the complex factors involved in changing hydrologic systems and provides governments, policy makers, and resource managers the data and tools to develop plans to address the growing demand on fresh water supplies.
Bringing the Geography of Oregon into the Classroom Bringing the Geography of Oregon into the Classroom
Providing teachers with tools to incorporate geography into lessons: The Student Atlas of Oregon connects children to Oregon and the world beyond.
Professor Martin Lafrenz Professor Martin Lafrenz
Lafrenz studies fluvial geomorphology and soils, urban stream phenomena, human land use on critical zone processes, and mobile GIS.
Faculty Member
Professor Emerita Barbara Brower Professor Emerita Barbara Brower
Brower investigates cultural ecology, mountain geography, Nepal, wildland resource conservation and policy, and the environmental movement.
Faculty Member
Professor Geoffrey Duh Professor Geoffrey Duh
Duh's research develops geocomputational theory and techniques to integrate GIS and remote sensing technologies in spatial decision-making.
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