Name/Pronoun Advocacy

The QRC offers advocacy for students whose name or pronoun is different from what the University may provide to faculty for Classroom Rosters. After filling out the form below, our Trans Student Resources and Retention Coordinator will reach out to your instructors on your behalf about using the correct name and pronouns in the classroom. You will also receive confirmation once all instructors have been contacted.

Only the QRC Director, QRC Trans Student Resources and Retention Coordinator, and the QRC Office Manager have access to the information provided here. This information will not be shared with anyone beyond the instructors you designate and only for the purposes of advocating needs in the classroom.

In the event that instructors do not check their PSU email, or do not receive or read the advocacy email, please contact us at or 503-725-9742 to arrange for further advocacy. PSU prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression. Any questions about PSU’s Prohibited Discrimination & Harassment policy can be directed to the Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion. Share complaints by e-mail at or telephone number 503-725-5919.