Interpersonal Violence (IPV) Resources

Confidential IPV Advocacy


The QRC offers support, resources, and referrals for students who are involved in, victims of, or survivors of Interpersonal Violence. Interpersonal Violence is any violence experienced at the hands of another person, including sexual violence like rape or sexual assault, and/or verbal or physical abuse.

Advocates are trained to respond to students in crisis, and serves as the point-people for questions about queer and trans specific IPV resources on campus.


Women's Resource Center IPV Advocates are able to meet with students confidentially, which means that they have the capacity to work with a student based on what they identify as their need for support, without mandatory reporting obligations. All other university employees (excluding health & mental health professionals at SHAC) follow state employee mandatory reporting guidelines.

Visit the Oregon Campus Reporting Options website to learn more about reporting and Title IX.

Medical Services

SHAC offers a program with Nurse Examiners who are sensitive to the needs of survivors of sexual assault. More information about this and off-campus medical services can be found on the SANE Program web page.

Campus Resources

Community IPV Resources

Bradley Angle


Bradley Angle serves individuals and families of all backgrounds, cultures, ages, and sexual orientations. The Bradley Angle mission is to offer survivors of domestic and sexual violence options for safety, empowerment, healing and hope, while collaborating with communities to create social change.

phone: 503-281-2442 (24 hour crisis line)

Call to Safety - (formerly Portland Women’s Crisis Line)

Call to Safety offers anonymous support and advocacy to their callers. Local.

Crisis Line: 503-235-5333 or 1-888-235-5333

Call to Safety also offers support groups and other resources via an advocate who specializes in supporting queer and trans survivors. For information about queer/trans specific support, Akilah Powell's direct line is 503.872.8599. This is not a crisis line.

Clackamas Women’s Services

Clackamas Women’s Services offers anonymous support and advocacy for their callers as well as shelter and transitional housing among many other services. Regional.

phone: 503-654-2288 or 1-888-654-2288 (open 24 hours a day)

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

A list of Oregon support services, including crisis phone numbers.

Oregon Victims' Assistance Programs

Each county has a location and contact number for assistance.

Oregon Law Help

Answers to legal questions, sample forms, and information about services.

Non-Binary Survivors Tumblr

A place where violence survivors outside the gender binary can find resources and share their stories regarding IPV.