PSC Renovation and Viking Pavilion CMGC RFP

PSC Renovation and Viking Pavilion CMGC RFP

Solicitation #1545



Mandatory pre-proposal meeting: February 16, 2015 11:30 AM local time                                                           AT: Peter Stott Center, Room 130, 930 SW Hall Portland, OR.                                                                                   You must attend the pre-proposal conference in order to propose on this project.

Proposals due by: March 5, 2015 3:00 PM local time
AT: Market Center Building, Suite 260, 1600 SW Fourth Avenue, Portland, OR.                                                         All documents are available in this procurement online.

Please direct any questions to


Files posted 2/9/2015

PDF iconPSC Viking Pavilion CMGC - RFP .pdf

PDF iconAppendix 4.1 Sample CMGC Agreement.pdf

PDF iconAppendix 4.2 PSU General Conditions.pdf

PDF iconAppendix 4.3 Supplemental General Conditions.pdf

PDF iconAppendix 4.4 PSU Campus Map PSC Vicinity.pdf

PDF iconAppendix 4.5 PSU Division 01.pdf

PDF iconAppendix 4.6 Payment and Performance Bond Forms.pdf

Office spreadsheet iconAppendix 4.8 CMGC Division -01 Expenses Worksheet.xls

PDF iconAppendix 4.9 CMGC LEED - NC.pdf

PDF iconAppendix 4.10 CMGC Fee Contents.pdf

PDF iconAppendix 4.11 CMGC Expense Allocation.pdf

PDF iconAppendix 4.12 - PSC Prelim Project Schedule.pdf

PDF iconAppendix 4.13 Current Floorplans.pdf

FileAppendix 4.14 Preconstruction Services Worksheet.xlsx


Appendix 4.7 Drawings

PDF icon1962-78 HPE Mech.pdf

PDF icon1964 Sepia As-Builts.pdf

PDF icon1964-66 Physical Ed Bldg - Arch 1-24.pdf

PDF icon1964-66 Physical Ed Bldg - Arch 25-R18.pdf

PDF icon1964-66 Physical Ed Bldg - Elec.pdf

PDF icon1964-66 Physical Ed Bldg - Mech_0.pdf

PDF icon1964-66 Physical Ed Bldg - Struct.pdf

PDF icon1965-77 Remodels.pdf

PDF icon1969-75 Remodels.pdf

PDF icon1974 PSC SAUNA.pdf

PDF icon1983 Tennis Facility.pdf

PDF icon1984 Re-Lamping.pdf

PDF icon1987 Swimming Pool Piping.pdf

PDF icon1987 Swimming Pool Tennis Courts.pdf

PDF icon1988 Roof Deck Project.pdf

PDF icon1990 Room 117 Weight Room.pdf

PDF icon1991 ADA Access Room 221-226.pdf

PDF icon1991 Room 143A.pdf

PDF icon1996 Room 116 Weight Room.pdf

PDF icon1997 Weight Room_0.pdf

PDF icon2002 Gym.pdf

PDF icon2005 Access Improvements.pdf

PDF icon2005 Room 157.pdf

PDF icon2006 Rooms 225-248.pdf

PDF icon2008 Room 159 Lockers_0.pdf

PDF icon2011 ARRA Permit Set.pdf


Files posted 2/17/2015

PDF iconPSC Viking Pavilion CMGC - RFP - Addendum #1.pdf


Files posted 2/23/15

PDF iconPSC Viking Pavilion CMGC - RFP - Addendum #2.pdf

Files Posted 03/20/15

PDF iconPSC Renovation & Viking Pavilion RFP - Notice of Intent to Award.pdf