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Stephanie East
Stephanie East

Role: CANS Trainer, Systems of Care Institute, Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services

Education: Bachelor's of Science in Criminology with an emphasis on Victimology from Fresno State University, Victim Services Certification from Fresno State University, Master's of Science in Criminology from Fresno State University, and a Master's of Social Work from the University of Southern California. Certified in CANS for Oregon and Washington

Experience: Stephanie has worked with children and their families in all levels of services for eight years, providing everything from one to one Applied Behavior Analysis services to Wraparound services. For the past two years, Stephanie has been a Wraparound Facilitator in Fresno County and was able to participate in a shift in services towards a more collaborative approach to implementation and compliance. Stephanie routinely utilized the CANS in practice. Stephanie was able to intern at a site designed to improve access to mental health, giving her experience in improving collaboration and systems of care. 

Teaching/Areas of Interest: Wraparound, CANS, Systems of Care, improving access to services to vulnerable populations, non-traditional approaches to care, and Victimology

Contact Information:, 850-320-4195