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Noor Delaughn
Noor Delaughn


Role: Director of Finance & Operations, Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services


  • MBA, Portland State University
  • BA, Business Administration/Human Resources, Portland State University

Experience: Noor brings 10 years of experience in central business administration at Portland State University to this position. Over the years, she has been brought in on a number of different task forces and University committees to bridge understanding across areas. Noor is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance and uses her experience in training development and delivery to ensure business needs are understood, met and approached with a continuous lens for improvement.

Interests: Volunteering and mentoring youth in the community, training design and delivery, community engagement, partnership and collaboration, process improvement, leadership development, and using positive psychology and a strengths-based approach to team development. 

Training Areas: Process Improvement; Organizational Leadership and Organizational Change; Happiness in the Workplace.

Contact Information:; 503-725-8011