Looking Back: Fall 2007
Author: Kathryn Kirkland
Posted: November 1, 2007

becoming a universityIn a new pictorial history

"In 1970-71, Women's Studies came into existence at Portland State by the imaginative and political gesture of declaring itself legitimate. Undergraduates, teachers, and women from the community opened an office 'donated' by a member of the Philosophy Department and printed and distributed a descriptive catalogue of women's courses offered by academic departments. Then, sponsored by the College of Arts and Letters under Dean William Hamilton, teachers planned and taught jointly an Introduction to Women's Studies course. The new center was housed in the lower floor of Montgomery Court. It later became the Women's Resource Center."

Excerpt from Portland State: A Pictorial History, by Richard Sanders, which will be published in 2008. The book is a project of the Retirement Association of Portland State. For information on the book's release, contact the association by e-mail at or call 503-725-3447.

At left, students pose for the camera when Portland State receives university status in 1969.