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SAGE Classroom

Schools around the nation are facing tight budgets and aging main buildings. When populations shift a school that once had the all the space it needed one year could be busting at the seams the next. In these circumstances a modular classroom often ends up outside of the school to provide extra space. These are often looked at as a quick fix or temporary solution. But our research has shown that they frequently become very long term buildings (some modular classrooms in Portland, OR have been in use for over 60 years). Our team wanted to provide a viable alternative to the current poorly performing and uninspired modular classroom and to raise the standards for what we, as a society, consider acceptable for our children. The SAGE (Smart Academic Green Environment) Classroom, redesigns the standard modular classroom with the focus of creating a healthier, more energy efficient and affordable alternative, while maintaining many of the modular building industries efficient building techniques and use of materials.

The first SAGE classrooms were installed at the Corvallis Waldorf School in Oregon and dedicated in October 2014.

The SAGE Classroom is the product of years of partnership between many public, governmental, non-profit and for profit organizations. The team was led by Portland State University’s Schools of Architecture and Engineering along with our manufacturing partner Blazer Industries. The project team is led by CPID Director Sergio Palleroni and CPID Fellow Margarette Leite. To learn more about the SAGE Classroom’s history, progress, design innovations and how to get a SAGE Classroom for your school go to: