Dr. Marion Goldman, PCPH Scholar in Residence, leads two courses in London on Social Movements and Spirituality in the UK (Spring 2015)
Author: Portland Center for Public Humanities
Posted: October 15, 2014

In spring 2015, Dr. Marion Goldman, one of the scholars in residence at the Portland Center for Public Humanities, will teach two courses in London alongside other classes taught by local British faculty. Explore London, meet with guest speakers, and read a range of materials to learn about major issues in the sociology of spirituality and social movements.

This program will explore major issues in the sociology of spirituality and social movements with a focus on London experiences and guest speakers. Dr. Goldman’s first course, "Religion and Spirituality in the UK: From the Abbey to the Alleys," addresses foundational theoretical questions and considers the different ways scholars define religion. That section includes a visit to a service in an Atheist Church. Later in the term, a class on spells at a pagan-oriented bookstore contributes to understanding debates about separating magic and religion. Dr. Goldman’s second course, "Social Movements, Spirituality, and Subcultures," deals with how, why and when people join social movements. Be prepared to bundle up for a Canary Wharf tour with Occupy London, heap your plate at the lunch buffet when you visit a restaurant run by devotees of Supreme Master Ching Hai, and let your hair down when folks discuss national identities and rugby at the London Welsh Center Pub. There will optional opportunities to develop final projects that span both courses.

Priority application deadline ($100 program fee credit): November 15, 2014 | AHA application deadline: January 15, 2015

For more information, please visit the AHA Study Abroad website.