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Undergraduate Internships


Health Studies and Applied Health & Fitness students must complete at least 4 credits of internship. Each credit hour equals 30 hours of field work.

8 credits = 240 hours

4 credits = 120 hours

Students must get their internships approved prior to registering for the credits. You will need to get a stamped Add/Drop form from your advisor in order to register.

Internship Packet  - Download here 

The internship packet is required to register for the internship. In this packet you will find instructions and guidelines to help you through the internship process. It also includes all of the necessary paperwork you will need to fill out and turn in.

For a brief overview of the undergraduate internship please view the power-point orientation. This is NOT a complete guide to the internship. Students should thoroughly read through all of the internship packet above. This orientation will only give you a quick introduction to the internship process.

Take a look at the links below! They represent agencies and organizations at which students in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health have completed internships. Of course this list is not exhaustive and students are encouraged to explore other opportunities that might be more relevant to their specific career goals.

Undergraduate Listserve:

The undergraduate listserve will give you access to updates and internship opportunities.

If you are interested in any of these sites or seeing a list of other available sites, please contact one of the following people for more information:

Belinda Zeidler:
Undergraduate Adviser

Jane Mercer:
Undergraduate Adviser


African American Health Coalition

Phone: (503) 413-1850

American Cancer Society

Phone: (503) 295-6422

American Heart Association

Phone: (503) 924-4094

American Lung Association of Oregon

Phone: (503) 924-4094

American Red Cross

Phone: (503) 284-1234 ext. 547

Arthritis Foundation

Phone: (503) 245-5695

Bradley-Angle House

Phone:(503) 282-9940

Cascade AIDS

Phone: (503) 223-5907 ext. 208

Coalition of Community Health Clinics

Phone: (503) 546-4991

Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Phone: (503) 418-5195

Legacy Health System

Phone: (503) 415-5405
Multnomah County Health Department
Phone: (503) 248-3030


Phone: 1-800-344-6453

Office of Multicultural Health

Phone: (503) 731-4601

Oregon Public Health Services

Phone: (503) 731-4000


Phone: (503) 603-7160

Planned Parenthood

Phone: (541) 344-2632 (voice)

Providence Health System

Phone: (503) 215-5770