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Funding and Assistantships

Funding Opportunities

Information about graduate scholarships, fellowships, and other awards administered through the Office of Graduate Studies is available at the scholarship and awards website. Community Health doctoral students are encouraged to seek non-Community Health sources of funding as well as funding through department sources and research grants.  The University has consolidated the search and application process for many of these awards. 

Identifying funding opportunities administered off-campus requires more work, but the Office of Graduate Studies website includes links to some of these.  The faculty and staff associated with Community Health may be of help in pointing students in promising directions.  Many of the Community Health faculty members have considerable experience securing external grants and contracts that involve graduate students or have worked with foundations and public agencies that fund graduate studies and research.

Graduate Assistantships

While doing their coursework, students may also serve as graduate research or teaching assistantships (GAs).  Most of these positions are funded by the College, faculty-supervised contracts or research grants.  They usually include both a tuition remission and a stipend; the amount of the stipend depends on the number of hours per week that the student is expected to devote to the project and is calculated as a share of a full-time position (FTE).

Graduate teaching assistantships provide doctoral students with classroom experience as teaching assistants, co-instructors, or as instructors. Eligibility to be an instructor or co-instructor typically requires completion of a master’s degree, the first two years of the doctoral curriculum, or equivalent experience.

Graduate research assistantships are annual appointments. Students must submit a cover letter, a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) and the names and contact information for three references by the 1st of May for the next academic year, even if they currently hold a position.  The exception is for GA positions that are fully funded (tuition remission and stipend) by a grant or contract, in which case appointments are made at the discretion of the supervising faculty member. Assistantships are subject to cancellation at any time at the discretion of the Program Director. Failure to maintain good academic standing will result in assistantship cancellation. The availability of some assistantships may not be known until the start of the academic year.