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Psychology Department Faculty

Karlyn Adams-Wiggins, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Applied Developmental Psychology
(503) 725-2389  |  karlyn@pdx.edu 
Research: Dr. Adams-Wiggins’ research program focuses on the intersection of academic achievement motivation and adolescent development by attending to how early adolescents’ identities are negotiated in social interactions. 
Dr. Adams-Wiggins is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Todd E. Bodner, Ph.D. Professor
Quantitative Psychology
(503) 725-3902  |  tbodner@pdx.edu
Research: Evaluation of statistical methods commonly used by practicing researchers, including generalized linear mixed models, structural equation models, meta-analytic methods, and methods for handling missing data.

Dr. Bodner is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Tori Crain, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Industrial/Organizational Psychology    
Website: https://sites.google.com/pdx.edu/crain-lab/home
Research: Dr. Crain's research examines topics related to occupational stress, safety, and health, with a specific emphasis on understanding the interplay among the three domains of life: work, nonwork, and sleep.
Dr. Crain is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Tessa Dover, Ph.D. Assistant Professor   
Applied Social Psychology    
(503) 725-3914  |  tdover@pdx.edu
Website: http://www.tessadover.com/
Research: The psychological, biological, and behavioral effects of group-based fairness and unfairness.

Dr. Dover is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Charlotte Fritz, Ph.D. Professor
Industrial/Organizational Psychology    
(503) 725-3980  |  fritzc@pdx.edu
Website: https://www.fritzpoplab.com/
Research: Dr. Fritz has studied employees in a variety of industries and countries to better understand what keeps employees happy, healthy, engaged, and productive.

Bill Griesar, Ph.D. Senior Instructor II      
(503) 914-7487  |  griesar@pdx.edu
Website: https://nwnoggin.org/

Leslie B. Hammer, Ph.D. Professor
Psychology Director - Occupational Health Psychology Program      
Industrial/Organizational Psychology    
(503) 725-3971  |  hammerl@pdx.edu
Research: Dr. Hammer's research focuses on ways in which organizations can help reduce work and family stress and improve positive spillover among employees by facilitating both formal and informal workplace supports, such as Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors (FSSB) training.

Kimberly Kahn, Ph.D. Associate Professor   
Applied Social Psychology    
(503) 725-3972  |  kimbkahn@pdx.edu
Research: Dr. Kahn’s research addresses contemporary forms of subtle bias and prejudice. Specifically, she examines hidden forms of bias such as stereotype threat, phenotypic racial stereotypicality bias, masculinity threat, and implicit bias.  
Website: https://www.pdx.edu/kahn-prejudice-research-lab/dr-kahn 

Dr. Kahn is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Keith L. Kaufman, Ph.D. Professor   
Community Psychology    
(503) 725-3984  |  kaufmank@pdx.edu
Research: Dr. Kaufman's research, consultation, and training focuses on the prevention of sexual violence in organizational settings such as college campuses and youth serving organizations
Dr. Kaufman is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Thomas Kindermann, Ph.D. Professor   
Applied Developmental Psychology    
(503) 725-3970  |  kindermannt@pdx.edu
Research: Dr. Kindermann is a developmental psychologist who adheres to a lifespan perspective on human development. His main interests deal with questions about how people's social contexts can influence their developing competencies, motivation, and independence.
Websites: https://sites.google.com/site/sonetpsu/

Dr. Kindermann is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Eric Mankowski, Ph.D. Professor
Applied Social & Community Psychology    
(503) 725-3901  |  mankowskie@pdx.edu
Research: Dr. Mankowski is broadly interested in the relationship between individual, group, and community functioning, especially in areas of mental health. In particular, I focus on understanding how masculinity is socially constructed and its connection to violence, substance abuse, and other health and social problems.
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/genderandviolencepdx/who-we-are
Dr. Mankowski is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Larry Martinez, Ph.D. Associate Chair, Associate Professor
Industrial/Organizational Psychology    
(503) 725-3998  |  larry.martinez@pdx.edu
Research: Dr. Martinez's work is focused on inclusion, diversity, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination in the workplace. In particular, his work has focused on the experiences of traditionally under-represented employees including cancer survivors, transgender individuals, individuals with disabilities, and sexual orientation minorities.
Website: https://www.larryrmartinez.com/
Dr. Martinez 
is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Andrew Mashburn, Ph.D. Department Chair, Professor
Applied Developmental Psychology    
(503) 725-3995  |  mashburn@pdx.edu
Research: The primary goal of Dr. Mashburn's work is to identify, develop, and test new approaches to promote children’s school readiness.
Dr. Mashburn is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Cynthia Mohr, Ph.D. Professor    
Applied Social Psychology    
(503) 725-3981  |  cdmohr@pdx.edu
Research: Dr. Mohr’s research concerns psychosocial influences on subjective well-being and physical health and in particular the processes by which positive and negative facets of interpersonal relationships and emotions exert effects on health.

Dr. Mohr is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Jason Newsom, Ph.D. Professor   
Quantitative Psychology    
(503) 725-5136  |  newsomj@pdx.edu
Research: Dr. Newsom's interests include applied statistics, in particular structural equation modeling and longitudinal data analysis, mental and physical health effects of social relationships among older adults, and health behaviors among older adults.
Dr. Newsom is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Kerth O'Brien, Ph.D. Associate Professor   
Applied Social Psychology    
(503) 725-3973  |  obrienk@pdx.edu
Dr. O'Brien conducts research on social psychological aspects of healthcare situations, such as perceived discrimination as a social stressor in healthcare. She takes a social determinants of health perspective and uses multiple methods (e.g., quantitative methods, focus group methods, in-depth interviews) to address applied research questions.

Dr. O'Brien is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Marcus Sharpe, Psy.D. Senior Instructor I              

Ellen Skinner, Ph.D. Professor
Applied Developmental Psychology    
(503) 725-3966  |  skinnere@pdx.edu
Dr. Skinner's research interests include: Life-span developmental psychology. Developmental systems theory. Dynamics of motivational development during childhood and early adolescence. Development of coping. Study of how self-system processes promote engagement and become motivational resources for children's coping with obstacles and setbacks. Special focus on how social contexts and close relationships make it easier (or harder) for children to cope adaptively. Interest in theory development and measurement construction.

Dr. Skinner is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Nicholas Smith, Ph.D. Senior Instructor I  
Industrial/Organizational Psychology     

Joel Steele, Ph.D. Associate Professor   
Quantitative & Applied Developmental Psychology
(503) 725-3946  |  j.s.steele@pdx.edu
Website: http://web.pdx.edu/~joel8
Dr. Steele's interests revolve around the application of theoretically rigorous models of change to empirical data. Inherent in models involving change is a non-trivial treatment of time, which is the main focus of his applied work.

Dr. Steele is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Greg Townley, Ph.D. Associate Professor   
Community Psychology     
(503) 725-3910  |  gtownley@pdx.edu
Website: https://www.pdx.edu/homelessness/
Research: Dr. Townley specializes in Community Psychology with particular interests in the following: The impact of social, psychological, and environmental factors on community participation and inclusion of individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Community mental health and recovery from psychiatric disability. Homelessness and housing interventions. Sense of community theory and measurement. The interplay of culture, sense of community, and well-being. Social-environmental research methods, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), neighborhood assessments, and qualitative/ethnographic approaches.
Dr. Townley is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Liu-Qin Yang, Ph.D. Associate Professor    
Industrial/Organizational Psychology & Quantitative Psychology    
(503) 725-3960  |  liuqinyang@pdx.edu
Website: https://sites.google.com/pdx.edu/4mlab/home
Research: Dr. Yang's substantive research concerns how employees manage their motivation and stress at work, with the ultimate goal of enhancing employees’ and organizations’ well-being and productivity. Through examining the interplay of individual characteristics (e.g., emotions, self-identity, personality), and psychosocial environment (e.g., leader behavior, organizational climate, cultural values), she focuses on understanding the dynamic employee stress and motivation processes and their implications for employee health and productivity. Dr. Yang's expertise in quantitative psychology includes measurement, multilevel analysis, survey design, and daily diary methods
Dr. Yang
is considering graduate students for admission Fall 2021

Adjunct Instructors

Aaron Ahn ala5@pdx.edu
Christopher Allen challen@pdx.edu
Jessica Boyle jesboyle@pdx.edu
Deborah Brannan brannan@pdx.edu
Karen Chenier kchenier@pdx.edu
Jeslin Hancock jeslin@pdx.edu
Jason Johnson jajohns2@pdx.edu
Lee Anne Knox knoxl@pdx.edu
Cindy Marino cmarino@pdx.edu
Kathleen McCulloch kcm6@pdx.edu
Gregory Neimeyer neimeyer@pdx.edu
Tracy Powell trpowell@pdx.edu
Robert Ryan rryan@pdx.edu
Tatiana Snyder tatiana@pdx.edu
Cynthia Taylor cltaylor@pdx.edu
Ursina Teuscher ursina@pdx.edu
Heather Wild wild@pdx.edu