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PsychWeb: A general psychology mailing list


Thomas A. Kindermann, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Portland State University


The PsychWeb mailing list is a general mailing list for all undergraduate students interested in Psychology at Portland State University. Any student interested in psychology may subscribe to this list. Subscribers should expect a relatively moderate amount of mail on topics related to the field of psychology and the Department of Psychology at Portland State University. Topics include:

  • Postings of job, internship, and practicum announcements.
  • Listings of upcoming events of interest to psychology students.
  • Requests from students seeking psychology tutors.
  • Last minute changes to Psychology Department Course Offerings.
  • Opportunities to participate in research as a volunteer subject.
  • Opportunities to participate on a faculty member or graduate student research team.
  • Advising updates.


Portland State will maintain an on-line archive of previous postings. The web address for this archive is:

Note: PsychWeb is a moderated list. The moderator reviews all postings and inappropriate messages will not be posted.

Subscription instructions

To subscribe to the PsychWeb list, send a message to:

In the body of that e-mail message type: subscribe psychweb

Upon subscribing, you should receive an introductory message that confirms that you are subscribed and containing list policies and features. Save this message for future reference.

If you have trouble signing up, please write directly.

If for some reason you wish to have the mailings go to a different address (a friend's address, a specific other system on which you have an account, or an address which is more correct than the one that automatically appears in the "From:" header on the mail you send), you would add that address to the command. For instance, if you're sending a request from your work account, but wish to receive PsychWeb mail at your personal account (for which we will use "" as an example), you'd put the line: subscribe psychweb

Unsubscription instructions

Your original intro message contains the exact command which should be used to remove your address from the list. However, in most cases, you may simply send a message to:

In the body of that e-mail message type: unsubscribe psychweb

(This command may fail if your provider has changed the way your address is shown in your mail.)

To remove an address other than the one from which you're sending the request, give that address in the command: unsubscribe psychweb


In either of these cases, you can tell to remove the address in question from all lists on this server by using "*" in place of the list name:

unsubscribe *
unsubscribe *