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Details of OUS-SEIU contract agreement released
Author: Di Saunders, Office of the Chancellor
Posted: September 15, 2011

PORTLAND, September 15 – Oregon University System and the Service Employees International Union 503 (SEIU) reached tentative agreement on contract negotiations for OUS classified staff early this morning. The settlement will now be taken by SEIU to its membership for a mail ratification vote.

OUS chancellor George Pernsteiner said, “Classified staff on the OUS campuses play an integral role in every student’s success and they are valued by the entire campus community. In the continuing constrained fiscal environment in Oregon, we believe this is a fair settlement with a compensation and benefits package that recognizes both classified employees’ contributions, and the realities of an unstable economy.”

The settlement incorporates some of the core economic terms of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) settlement agreement with SEIU completed in August but also recognizes that universities serve student populations who have a unique set of needs, interests and concerns.

“Our thanks go out to the OUS campus bargaining representatives whose hard work reflects our responsibility as stewards of state and tuition funds, and our obligations to Oregonians, students, and members of the campus community,” said Pernsteiner. “We hope that our relationship with the SEIU can continue on a path of mutual respect and understanding of the contributions of everyone in our statewide community of more than 110,000 staff, faculty and students who collaboratively enrich our universities. We can now focus the attention of all our faculty and staff on educating the Oregon students who will be enrolling in our universities this fall.”

Summary of key contract areas for salary and benefits include: 

  • PERS Pick up: employees will continue to receive the 6% “pick up” of their employee contribution (equal to 6% of employees’ salary).
  • Health Insurance: OUS continues to fully pay premiums for insurance coverage through Plan Year 2011, which expires at the end of December.
  • OUS will pay 95% and employees will pay 5% of the monthly premium rate as determined by the PEBB, for Plan Years 2012 and 2013.
  • OUS will pay an additional $40 monthly subsidy toward the monthly premiums for employees with salary rates less than or equal to $2,816 a month from December 2011 through June 2013.
  • OUS will continue to pay the current part-time subsidy for eligible part-time employees who participate in the part-time PEBB plan through December 31, 2011.
  • OUS will pay 95% of the part-time subsidy for part-time eligible employees who participate in the part-time PEBB plan for Plan Years 2012 and 2013.
  • Cost Of Living Allowance of 1.5% on 12-1-11 and 1.45% on 1-1-13.

Step increases:

  • First step increase six months after SED; second step 6 months after SED or 6-30-13 at latest
  • Step Increases given July 1 through September 30, 2011 will be rolled back effective October 1 (no repayment required); subsequent step increases for such employees will be delayed by the same number of months that the first step increases were in effect so as to be equitable to other employees.
  • 10th step for all employees currently at top step effective 1-1-13 (true 10th step, first step retained)
  • Selective salary range increases for 14 classifications.
  • Differential hourly wage increases for employees with certain duties and responsibilities

Mandatory Unpaid Leave Day (“furlough days”)

  • Less than $2,485 p/month = 7 days per biennium
  • $2,485 - $3,103 p/month = 9 days per biennium
  • $3,104 p/month and above = 11 days per biennium