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David Banis & Heejun Chang nominated for Supervisor of the Year by their students
Author: Karin Waller
Posted: July 20, 2012

The award is part of that "Hats Off! Recognition Ceremony for All Student Employees, April 11, 2012. Here are some excerpts of student comments from the nominees:

Heejun Chang: "He has challenged me to work hard, think not only analytically but sympathetically (drawing both humanistic and scientific methodologies)", "his work ethic is nothing short of inspirational", "truly a brilliant, passionate and remarkable researcher. I am honored to work with him." 

David Banis: "he is very supportive and encouraging to students at all levels, from undergraduate to post graduates", "with his knowlege, abilities, professionalism and student advocacy, I unhesitatingly recommend him for Supervisor of the Year."

Dana Lundell from University Studies was the final winner of the award. Congratulations!