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Kerth O'Brien, PhD, Associate Professor, Social Psychology

Department of Psychology
317 Cramer Hall
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland, Oregon 97207-0751 (USA)
Telephone (503) 725-3973
E-mail is usually the best way to reach me:

About Kerth O'Brien, PhD
Selected Publications


Selected Publications

Cuevas, A. G., & O’Brien, K. (Online 2017, June 15). Racial centrality may be linked to mistrust in healthcare institutions for African Americans. Journal of Health Psychology.

Cuevas, A. G., O’Brien, K., & Saha, S. (2017). What is the key to culturally competent care: Reducing bias or cultural tailoring? Psychology & Health, 32(4), 493-507.

Guise, J.-M., Hansen, M., Lambert, W., & O’Brien, K. (2017, May 4). The role of simulation in mixed-methods research: a framework & application to patient safety. BMC Health Services Research.

Cuevas, A.G., O’Brien, K., & Saha, S. (2016). African American experiences in healthcare: "I always feel like I'm getting skipped over." Health Psychology, 35(9), 987-995.

Hansen, M., O'Brien, K., Meckler, G., Cauce, A.M., & Guise, J-M. (2016). Understanding the value of mixed methods research: The Children’s Safety Initiative-Emergency Medical Services (CSI-EMS). Emergency Medicine Journal, 33, 489-494. doi:10.1136/emermed-2015-205277

Cottrell, E.K., O'Brien, K., Curry, M., Meckler, G.D., Engle, P.P., Jui, J., Summers, C., Lambert, W., & Guise, J-M. (2014). Understanding safety in prehospital Emergency Medical Services for children. Prehospital Emergency Care, 18(3), 350-358.

Weir, B.W., O'Brien, K., Bard, R.S., Casciato, C.J., Maher, J.E., Dent, C.W., Dougherty, J.A., & Stark, M.J. (2009). Reducing HIV and partner violence risk among women with criminal justice system involvement: A randomized controlled trial of two Motivational Interviewing-based interventions. AIDS & Behavior, 13(3), 509-522.

Selected Presentations

O’Brien, K., and Cuevas, A.G. (2016, June). African Americans appraise discrimination-related stressors in social context. Presented at the 2017 Conference of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI), Albuquerque, New Mexico.

O’Brien, K., and Cuevas, A.G. (2016, June). Resolving Ambiguities in the Perception of Discrimination:
Exploring the Social Context of Appraisal. Paper presented at the Fifteenth International Conference on
Social Stress Research, San Diego, California.


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