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Keith L. Kaufman, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Department of Psychology
317 Cramer Hall
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland,OR 97207-0751
phone (503) 725-3984
fax (503) 725-3904

Selected Publications
Grant History



Grant History

Multnomah County , Department of Criminal Justice “Program Evaluation of MI/MR/DD Adult Sexual Offenders” - Principal Investigator (10/99 – 6/01)

Program evaluation of federally funded project through the Center for Sexual Offender Management to examine innovative approaches to the treatment and management of adult sexual offenders who experience difficulties related to Mental Illness/Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities.

Centers for Disease Control “Child Sexual Abuse Risk Factors: Modus Operandi & Supervision” – Principal Investigator (9/98 – 8/04)

This project was designed to identify risk factors related to child sexual abuse with particular attention to sexual offenders’ “modus operandi” and the role of caregiver supervision. These dimensions will be compared across three ethnic groups: White American; Black American; and Hispanic/Latino. Risk factors are intended to inform a public health approach to prevention.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention “Feasibility Study for Sex Offender Typology” - Co-Principal Investigator (11/97 - 10/98)

Feasibility study to demonstrate ability to collect critical data to develop an adolescent sexual offender typology.

National Institute of Mental Health "Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: Offenders' Modus Operandi" - Principal Investigator(4/93 - 3/98)

Investigation of child sexual abuse perpetrators' (adult) modus operandi from the perspective of vic

Funded a statewide child abuse prevention conference. This two-day conference included 19 nationally known speakers presenting topics related to the prevention of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect.

Governor's Office of Criminal Justice Services "Assessing Adolescent Sexual Offenders II" Principal Investigator (3/92 -2/94)

Year 1 - Intended to determine the best means of assessing adolescent sexual offenders’ modus operandi. Designed to examine: (1) Do adolescent offenders under‑ report their use of threats/coercion?; (2) Is better information obtained utilizing an interview or a questionnaire format?; (3) The modus operandi patterns exhibited by adolescent sexual offenders.

Year 2 - Examined the relationship between adolescent offenders' "modus operandi," sexual history, and discipline history.