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Keith L. Kaufman, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Department of Psychology
317 Cramer Hall
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland,OR 97207-0751
phone (503) 725-3984
fax (503) 725-3904

Selected Publications
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Selected Publications

Carter, M., & Kaufman, K. (under review). The relationship between violence and sexual fantasies with adult and juvenile sex offenders.

Kaufman, K., Mosher, H., & Carter, M. (under review). The impact of early sexual experiences and parent-child conflict on juvenile sexual offending.

Barber, M. & Kaufman, K. (under review). Preventing child sexual abuse: Sexual offenders’ perspectives on strategies that work.

Kaufman, K., Mosher, H., Estes, L. & Carter, M. (in press). An empirically based situational prevention model for child sexual abuse. In S. Smallbone & R. Wortley (Eds.), Stituational Prevention of Sexual Violence.

Kaufman, K., Barber, M., Mosher, H., & Carter, M. (2002). New directions for prevention: Reconceptualizing child sexual abuse as a public health concern. In P.A. Schewe (Ed.), Preventing Violence in Relationships: Developmentally Appropriate Intervention Across the Life Span. Washington, D.C.: APA Books.

Bonner, B., Kaufman, K., & Harbeck, C. (2001). Assessment and treatment of child abuse and neglect. In C.E. Walker and M.C. Roberts (Eds.) Handbook of Clinical Child Psychology – Revised Edition. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Kaufman, K.L, Holmberg, J.K, Orts, K.A., McCrady, F.E., Rotzien, A.L., Daleiden, E.L., & Hilliker, D.R. (1998). Factors influencing Sexual Offenders' modus operandi: An examination of victim-offender relatedness and age. Child Maltreatment, 4, 349-361.

Daleiden, E.L., Kaufman, K.L., Hilliker, D.R. & O’Neil, J. (1998). The sexual histories and fantasies of adolescent males: A comparison of sex offending, non-sex offending, and non-offending groups. Sex

Kaufman, K., Hilliker, D., Lathrop, P., Daleiden, E., & Rudy, L. (1996). Sexual offenders' modus operandi: A comparison of structured interview and questionnaire approaches. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 11, 19-34


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