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What are the freshman admissions requirements?

There are various steps in the admissions process for prospective freshmen. Because there are several different components to the application, it’s important to review the admissions requirements in advance. Prospective freshmen can obtain more information about PSU’s application process at the following website:

How to apply-freshmen

What happens to advanced placement (AP) scores?

Many students who take AP exams in high school want to know if those credits can count towards their degree. Students who receive creditable scores may, upon admission to PSU, be granted credit toward a bachelor’s degree in comparable college courses. The following link provides information as to what potential college credit can be earned upon admission to Portland State:

Advanced Placement


What happens to international baccalaureate (IB) scores?

Students who complete International Baccalaureate (IB) exams and receive creditable scores may, upon admission to Portland State, be granted credit toward a bachelor's degree. Specific credit will be awarded based on individual exam scores. The following link provides information as to what potential college credit can be earned upon admission to Portland State:

International Baccalaureate


What happens once I am admitted?

All new students (freshmen and transfer students) are required to attend an Orientation: Advising & Registration session offered by New Student Orientation prior to registration for their first term at Portland State. This is the first opportunity to receive advising at PSU and students will get the chance to learn about PSU’s curriculum and campus resources. Advisers will be available at these sessions to help students register for courses that correspond to their academic, personal, and career goals.


Where should I begin?        

Students often wonder what classes they should take during their freshman year.

All incoming freshman students need to register for a Freshman Inquiry. The Freshman Inquiry is a part of the University Studies program, which is a year-long sequence. To learn more about Freshman Inquiries, visit the following link: 

Freshman Inquiry


Freshmen are also encouraged to sign up for classes that fulfill their BA/BS requirements. Students must decide if they want to obtain a BA or a BS, they are not allowed to pursue both.


Students who would like to dive right into the psychology curriculum are encouraged to

take one of the introductory psychology classes. The introductory psychology classes are PSY200 and PSY204 and these are both a part of the Psychology major requirements.


How do I get a degree at PSU?

All students must complete PSU’s General Education Requirements. Listed below are the three components essential to complete a degree with a total of 180 credits:

1.    University Studies (UNST)

2.    Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

3.    Psychology Major Requirements




University Studies

University Studies has four subsets: Freshman Inquiry, Sophomore Inquiry, Upper Division Cluster, and the Senior Capstone. These courses are taken in a sequence, and all freshmen must select a Freshman Inquiry to take during their first year. To learn more about the University Studies program and Freshman Inquiry, go to the following websites:

            University Studies

            Freshman Inquiry

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Students must choose whether they want to complete a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. To learn about the difference between the two (and more), visit the following website:


Bachelor's requirements


Psychology major requirements:

There are a total of 60 credits required to complete the psychology major portion of a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Of those credits there are five required classes. Please see the major requirements page for more details:

Major Requirements


Electives credits

After fulfilling the major requirements, UNST and BA/BS, students often have the opportunity to take elective courses. These can either be psychology classes, or they can be from another discipline. Students are encouraged to select classes that look interesting to them. Advisers can help students select elective classes based on their goals and interests.   

-Students who have a double major or a minor can use elective credits to fulfill their additional requirements.

-To get more information about the different psychology classes offered at PSU, visit the following website:

Psychology course descriptions