Faculty of the Department of Psychology

Faculty Publications and Presentations

All offices are located in Cramer Hall 317


Karlyn Adams-Wiggins, Ph.D. Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-2389 karlyn@pdx.edu
Todd E. Bodner, Ph.D. Quantitative Psychology (503) 725-3902 tbodner@pdx.edu
Jennifer Dimoff, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-4854 jdimoff@pdx.edu
Tessa Dover, Ph.D. Applied Social Psychology (503) 725-3914 tdover@pdx.edu
Charlotte Fritz, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-3980 fritzc@pdx.edu
Bill Griesar, Ph.D.  Neuroscience  (503) 914-7487 griesar@pdx.edu
Leslie B. Hammer, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-3971 hammerl@pdx.edu
Kimberly Kahn, Ph.D. Applied Social Psychology (503) 725-3972 kimbkahn@pdx.edu
Keith L. Kaufman, Ph.D. Applied Community Psychology (503) 725-3984 kaufmank@pdx.edu
Thomas Kindermann, Ph.D. Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-3970 kindermannt@pdx.edu
Eric Mankowski, Ph.D. Applied Social & Community Psychology (503) 725-3901 mankowskie@pdx.edu
Larry Martinez, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-3998 larry.martinez@pdx.edu

Andrew Mashburn, Ph.D.,

Associate Chair

Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-3995 mashburn@pdx.edu
Cynthia Mohr, Ph.D. Applied Social Psychology (503) 725-3981 cdmohr@pdx.edu
Jason Newsom, Ph.D. Quantitative Psychology (503) 725-5136 newsomj@pdx.edu
Kerth O'Brien, Ph.D. Applied Social Psychology (503) 725-3973 obrienk@pdx.edu
Marcus Sharpe, Psy.D.     msharpe@pdx.edu

Ellen Skinner, Ph.D.Chair

Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-3966 skinnere@pdx.edu
Joel Steele, Ph.D. Quantitative & Applied Developmental Psychology (503) 725-3946 j.s.steele@pdx.edu
Greg Townley, Ph.D. Applied Community Psychology (503) 725-3910 gtownley@pdx.edu
Donald M. Truxillo, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-3969 truxillod@pdx.edu
Liu-Qin Yang, Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (503) 725-3960 liuqinyang@pdx.edu

Academic Adviser

Scott Broussard, M.S.    (503) 725-3965 sbro2@pdx.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Sherwin Davidson, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology   davidsons@pdx.edu
Gerald D. Guthrie, Ph.D. Sports Psychology, Child Psychology    
Janice K. Haaken, Ph.D. Applied Community Psychology (503) 657-1601 haakenj@googlemail.com
Roger D. Jennings, Ph.D. Comparative Psychology, Human Ethology    
Robert E. Jones, Ph.D. Psychotherapy, Behavior Theory    
Dalton Miller-Jones, Ph.D. Applied Developmental Psychology   millerjonesd@pdx.edu
James A. Paulson, Ph.D. Quantitative Methods    
Cathleen L. Smith, Ph.D. Applied Developmental Psychology   smithcl@pdx.edu
Cord B. Sengstake, Ph.D. Physiological Psychology, Experimental Psychology    
David F. Wrench, Ph.D. Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior    

Visiting Faculty

Zhi Zang, Ph.D. Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management  (503) 501-1670  zangzhi@pdx.edu;  zangzh@gmail.com

Affiliated Faculty

Talya Bauer, Ph.D. School of Business Administration (503) 725-5050 talyab@sba.pdx.edu
Carol Morgaine, Ph.D. Child and Family Studies (503) 725-8529 morgainec@pdx.edu

Faculty Approved Adjunct Appointment

Ryan Olson, Ph.D. Oregon Health & Science University