Eric Mankowski, Ph.D., Professor, Applied Social & Community Psychology

Department of Psychology
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Portland State University
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Portland, OR 97207-0751
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Eric Mankowski (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is a community and social psychologist, broadly interested in the relationship between individual, group, and community functioning, especially in areas of mental health. In particular, I focus on understanding how masculinity is socially constructed and its connection to violence, substance abuse, and other health and social problems.

My work involves collaborative research and action projects with social service agencies, community based organizations, and government bodies. A range of methods including surveys, interviews, focus groups, and group observations are used together with quantitative and qualitative analytic techniques.

Current projects with students include (1) assessment of changes in identity, beliefs, and abusive behavior among men court-mandated to violence intervention and prevention programs and their intimate partners; (2) a national evaluation of the impact of statewide standards on batterer intervention program practices; (3) description of gender bias in 'accidental' gun violence by toddlers; (5) gendered analysis of mass-shooter manifestos (6) evaluation of victim impact panels for intimate partner violence; (7) identifying mediators of masculinity threat and violence; (7) measurement of participation in an all-ages, youth-run local music festival.