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Ellen Skinner, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development, Department of Psychology Chair, Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology
317 Cramer Hall
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland,OR 97207-0751
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Psychology 311 Waivers for the Graduate Teacher Education Program and Special Ed

NOTE: If you have already taken one of the pre-approved courses listed below, you do NOT need to apply for a waiver. It will be granted automatically when you apply to GTEP or SPED.

To waive PSY 311 Human Development across the Lifespan:

You are required to have taken an upper level course covering human development from infancy through at least adolescence (and preferably to old age). The course needs to explicitly cover development-- for example, cognitive development, personality development, social development, motivational development, etc.

To sign a waiver form, I need the following materials:

  1. A waiver form For the GTEP program at pdf form
    For the SPED program available at pdf form
  2. A course description, including a syllabus or catalog description
  3. A copy of an OFFICIAL transcript, showing the year of the course and your final grade


You can leave them in my box at Cramer Hall 317 or mail them to me at:

Dr. Ellen A. Skinner
Psychology Department
Portland State University
P. O. Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751

After I will deal with them, if you give me your email, I can inform you of the results.

To Challenge the course:
If you do not have the current coursework but think you know the material, you can challenge the course. If you decide to do so, let me know and I will send a cumulative final exam for PSY 311 to:

The Testing Center
Center for Student Health and Counseling at
1880 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 310
(phone: 503-725-5301).

I will leave it there for a month. You can go over any time and take it. Bring a green 100-item scantron and the testing costs $10. After you take the exam, they return the exam to me and I grade it. If you pass I will sign the waiver form and notify you.

The challenge exam is a 100-item cumulative multiple choice exam covering the material from the current PSY311 Human Development course. The textbook for the current course can be found in the PSU Bookstore.

Pre-approved Courses that Can be Used to Substitute for PSY 311
Human Development across the Lifespan

Here are local courses (or combinations of courses) that have been pre-approved as substitutes for PSY311. If you have taken these courses, you do NOT need to submit a waiver. It will be granted automatically as part of your GTEP application.




Course title



PSY 237

Life-span Development

Clackamas Community College

PSY 215

Introduction to Developmental Psychology

Clark College

PSY 211


Human Development

Clatsop Community College

PSY 215

Introduction to Developmental Psychology


Concordia College

PSY 312

Human Growth and Development

Eastern Oregon University

PSY 311

Lifespan Development

Lane Community College

PSY 215

Lifespan Developmental Psychology

PSY 235

Human Development

Lewis & Clark

PSY 230

Developmental Psychology

Linfield College

PSY315 (now 300)

Lifespan Developmental Psychology


PSY 328

Developmental Psychology

Mt. Hood Community College

PSY 237

Human Development

Oregon Institute of Technology

PSY 311

Developmental Psychology

Oregon State University







Individual and Family Development


Infant/Child Development


Adolescent Development

Adult Development and Aging

Pacific University


Lifespan Human Development

Portland Community College

Psy 215

Human Development


PSY311 or

Coun569 or

Human Development

Developmental Foundations of Counseling


Psy460 and


Child Psychology and

Adolescent Psychology

Southern Oregon University

PSY 370

Lifespan Development

University of Oregon


Child Development



Life Span Development

University of Portland


Developmental Psych:  The Lifespan

University of Puget Sound




Dev Psy: Infancy through Childhood and


Dev Psy: Adolescence though Death

Warner Pacific College

HD 311 and

HD 312

Prenatal/ early Childhood Development and

Mid-Childhood/ Adolescent Development

Washington State University



HD 101

HD 201

HD 201 and

HD 202

Human Development

Human Development across the Lifespan

Human Development - Prenatal through age 8

Human Development - Middle childhood through adolescence

Western Oregon University

PSY 311

Developmental Psychology