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Applying to graduate school

Getting into graduate school takes work and some programs only accept a small number of applicants. It’s a good idea to start planning for graduate school at the beginning of your junior year. If you haven’t started planning, it’s never too late to begin the process. Some students even plan to take a year off in between senior year and graduate school in order to have extra time to prepare their applications. There are several different components to the application process. The following list is a suggested order to complete the series of steps involved.

Researching programs and schools

Letters of recommendation

CV building

Curricula Vita example and template.doc


Personal statement


Here is a check list to make sure that you get all the components required for your application into each school:

Graduate School application checklist

An easy way to keep track of all the important information about each school that you are considering applying to is to enter it in a spreadsheet. A template that you can change to the factor that are important to you is below:

Grad school research spreadsheet template.xls