Undergraduate Advising Resource Center                                                                                                              Fariborz Maseeh Hall-Suite 360                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

PSU Students are assigned to an advisor by last two digits of their PSU ID numbers. Advisors have 15, 30, and 45 minute appointments.


Scott Broussard

Last two digits of ID number 00-34

Contact: Email 

Schedule an appointment with Scott


Meghan Opbroek

Last two digits of ID number 35-72                                                                                                                        Contact: Email

Schedule an appointment with Meghan


Ben Alberts

Last two digits of ID number 73-99

Contact: Email

Schedule an appointment with Ben 


In addition to picking out classes, professional advisors can help you:

  • Satisfy your Mandatory Advising requirement
  • Explore academic, career, and life goals
  • Navigate this big institution you are now a part of
  • Identify and overcome challenges you may face
  • and discuss the stress of balancing college with everything else in your life.


Peer Advising-FMH 360

Monday-Friday while classes are in session

9am-4:30pm with evening hours until 6pm on Tuesdays, check the drop-in calendar to confirm times

Peer Advising Drop-In Calendar

Call Peer Advisors at 503-725-3965 (Voicemail only, calls will be returned within 24 hours)

Email Peer Advisors at


Peer advisers are PSU students selected based on their advanced experience as psychology majors. Peer advisors are available for drop-in questions, and can help you:

  • Learn about the Psychology program
  • Find what you need at PSU  
  • Pick Psychology courses
  • Refer to professional advisors if needed, and help you schedule an appointment 
  • Peer advisors cannot help you satisfy your Mandatory Advising requirement


Faculty Advising

Psychology is one of the biggest majors on campus, with many faculty working with students. Faculty can help:

  • Discuss the classroom experience in the major
  • Identify research opportunities 
  • Explore career and graduate school options
  • Explore career and life goals

Think of what questions you have for faculty members about their work, their specialty areas in psychology, and your future.  Once you are prepared to connect with the faculty member, find PSU’s Psychology Faculty here:

If you need help preparing to connect with a faculty member please visit a peer advisor or schedule an appointment with an advisor.


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Mailing List: The Psychology Department administers a listserv for majors and other interested students. All students with an interest in psychology are encouraged to sign up for the listserv in order to stay informed about upcoming events and opportunities (career workshops, for example). To subscribe, submit your request to email In your message type: subscribe psychweb. If you have trouble signing up, please write directly.