Apply to become a Peer Adviser! Applications due Feb. 22

Academic advising is a collaborative process in which students and their advisers are partners in meeting the essential learning outcomes that support student success.  This partnership requires participation and involvement of both the adviser and the student and spans the whole educational experience To benefit most from the psychology advising program, students should make use of the full range of advising services.  The Psychology Department advising process includes four components:

  1. Mandatory Advising:  All new students at Portland State University are required to attend a mandatory academic advising session during their first year.  Students who do not complete the mandatory advising requirement will have a hold placed on their account preventing them from registering for the first term of their second year.  To schedule a mandatory advising appointment with the Professional Adviser or with the Graduate Assistant Adviser, you can do one of the following, come into the office, call 503-725-3965, or follow the link,, or and choose a time that works for you.
  2. Peer Advising: Peer advisers are selected based on their advanced experience as psychology majors. These advisers offer personalized review of the student's DARS, as well as guidance in course planning and referrals to campus resources. Peer advising is available on a drop-in basis in the Psychology Advising Office located in CH 363. 
  3. One on One Advising: Individual advising appointments can be scheduled with the department's Professional Academic Adviser.  To schedule a one on one advising appointment please call us at 503.725.3965 or visit the Psychology Advising office in Cramer Hall 363.  The adviser on duty will assess your needs and help the student schedule an appropriate appointment. To schedule an appointment with the Professional Academic Adviser, you may also use this link:,, or
  4. Faculty Advising: Advising is available from full time faculty members in the Psychology Department. These sessions are intended to help students prepare for long-term academic and career goals. Make sure you are prepared to see a faculty adviser before showing up at their office  Learn more about the faculty by reading their bios and even some of their selected publications.  Think of what questions you have for the faculty member about their work, their specialty areas in psychology, and your future.  Once you are prepared connect with the faculty member, go to the psychology department homepage and find the link for the current term office hours.  If you are unable to attend a faculty member's listed office hours then you may email the faculty member to schedule a time.  If you need help preparing to connect with a faculty member please visit us during drop-in advising or call to schedule an appointment. 



Prospective Students: Students considering applying to Portland State and those who have already begun the process are welcome to connect with our advisers.   Visit us during drop-in advising, call to make an appointment or ask a quick question, and/or email us. Our drop-in hours, our phone number, and email address are listed at the top of the page.
Veterans Certification: Veterans may visit us during drop-in advising or call to make an appointment in order to get their certification paperwork reviewed and signed. Our drop-in hours and our phone number are listed at the top of the page.
Mailing List: The Psychology Department administers a listserv for majors and other interested students. All students with an interest in psychology are encouraged to sign up for the listserv in order to stay informed about upcoming events and opportunities (career workshops, for example). To subscribe, submit your request to email . In your message type: subscribe psychweb. If you have trouble signing up, please write directly.