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Build your professional skills with PSU's Early Childhood Education Certificate.

The Early Childhood Education Certificate program offers practical ECE training in a convenient online format.

Offered by Portland State's nationally ranked College of Education, the online ECE certificate program helps you develop new skills to engage and educate children ages birth through 8.





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You'll choose four 3-credit online courses on subjects that fit your interests and professional practice. The online Early Childhood Education program deepens your theoretical understanding of how young children learn, while presenting techniques you can apply in your work.


Portland State's online Early Childhood Education certificate program combines academic excellence with the flexibility of distance learning. Our online ECE certificate lets you:

  • Earn a certificate of completion from a nationally ranked education school. You'll take the same courses and work with the same faculty as students who attend ECE courses on our campus.
  • Focus on research-based practice. The online Early Childhood Education certificate program will help you build teaching techniques that get proven results in ECE settings. You'll learn the latest research findings and theoretical approaches, then apply the lessons to become a more effective teacher.
  • Learn in a supportive, collaborative environment. Portland State's user-friendly Internet platform encourages you to interact and build relationships with classmates and faculty in the online ECE certificate program.
  • Build a foundation for ongoing professional development. The credits you earn in our online Early Childhood Education certificate program can count toward a bachelor's degree, master's degree, Child Development Associate Credential (CDNA), or Oregon Registry account.

Advance your career and become a better early childhood educator.

Who the Program is for

Portland State's online Early Childhood Education certificate caters to a wide variety of professionals who work with young children. Our online ECE certificate is popular among:

  • Child care staff and teachers
  • Preschool teachers
  • Head Start and Early Head Start staff
  • Program directors
  • Special educators
  • Early intervention specialists
  • Child Development Associates

Program Format

You can take courses in any order, on whatever timetable suits you.

  • Distance accessible online program.
  • Take one course or complete four courses for the certificate of completion.
  • Flexible schedule—take courses in any order
  • Start any quarter
  • Open to degree and non-degree students
  • Graduate and undergraduate levels

Online Certificate: Early Childhood Education Curriculum

Upon completion of four 3-credit online ECE courses in the series, students are eligible to receive an Early Childhood Education Series Certificate of Completion (non-licensure).

  • CI 410/510 The Language of Art (1 credit)
  • CI 573 Assessment and Technology in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
  • CI 472/572 Language and Literacy in ECE (3 credits)
  • CI 479/579 The Young Child As Scientist (3 credits)
  • CI 410/510 Reggio Studies (1 credit)
  • CI 410/510 Bilingual Children: Program Models, Assessment, and Classroom Methods (3 credits)
  • CI 410/510 The Emotional Life of Toddlers (3 credits)
  • CI 571 Play: Curriculum in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
  • CI 576 Equity and Cultural Diversity in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
  • SPED 410/510 Introduction to Infant/Toddler Mental Health (3 credits)
  • CI 410/510 Children, Art, Artists (1 credit)
  • CI 478/578 Constructivist Curriculum: Big Ideas in ECE (3 credits)
  • CI 477/577 Learning Designs: Environments in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
  • CI 410/510 The Digital Camera in ECE (1 credit)
  • CI 410/51/0 Teaching and Learning with Competent Infants and Toddlers (3 credits)
  • CI 410/510 Documenting Young Children's Learning (4 credits)

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Portland State University is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

For more information visit the Early Childhood Education Certificate program website.


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