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Visit the Branford P. Millar Library
Visit the Branford P. Millar Library

At the heart of Portland State's South Park blocks lies the lifeblood of the University: the Branford Price Millar Library. Housing over 1.3 million books, the library offers the full range of university scholarship for faculty and students, with computer labs and extensive research facilities. The library is a selective depository library for federal government documents. Additionally, the library is a depository for Oregon government documents. Some United Nations documents are also available.


The Millar Library was first built in 1966 and originally consisted of a rectangular structure oriented roughly north and south along the east side of 10th Avenue. The striking architecture of the eastern portion-a convex wall of glass-was added in 1989 and reflects the environmental awareness of this Pacific Northwest University. The eastern addition was designed to surround, rather than replace, an ancient copper beech tree.

Inside the Branford P. Millar Library

What's Inside?

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1875 SW Park Avenue
Portland OR 97201-3220
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