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The Portland Innovation Quadrant
The Portland Innovation Quadrant

The Portland Innovation Quadrant ( represents an emerging innovation-focused district and community committed to propelling Portland to global prominence at the intersection of health, science and digital technology. The mission of the IQ is to bring together industry, education, and government in a coordinated effort to create the conditions where innovation, equity, and economic growth can prosper through geographic proximity. The IQ encompasses three city geographies -- the university district (downtown south of Market), the South Waterfront, and Central Eastside – and has been identified as a priority for the city of Portland in the 2035 Plan, the Central City Plan and PDC’s 5-year Strategic Plan.

PSU’s Office of Strategic Partnerships has taken the lead, organizing a group of committed public and private stakeholders to develop the IQ and evolve a governance structure to deliver and administer IQ programming. This work builds from a 2014 Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Presidents of OHSU, PSU, OMSI, and PCC committing the four anchor institutions to work collaboratively with each other and other partners to develop and deliver programming and partnerships.

IQ Vision

The IQ serves as the creative hub for Portland Metro’s science and technology community, catalyzing and complementing the vast range of experimentation taking place throughout the region. Established companies, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and talent are attracted to the energy, excitement, and dynamism embodied by the IQ. Administered through a public-private partnership, the IQ is characterized by a curated and inter-connected portfolio of health, science and technology companies, accelerators, labs, demonstration venues, and maker and co-working spaces that facilitate networking, idea exchange and the co-creation of new research, products, and services. The IQ is fueled by a talented and locally developed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) workforce and a coordinated STEM career pathway system designed and delivered by the four anchor institutions in partnership with regional K-12 school districts and educational partners.

IQ Stakeholders

In addition to the four anchor educational institutions, the following public and private partners are committing time, energy and resources to realize the IQ vision: City of Portland, Portland Public Schools (PPS), Worksystems, Technology Association of Oregon, Oregon Bioscience Association, Oregon Bioscience Incubator, Autodesk, Zidell Yards, Beam Development, Summit Development Partners, Central Eastside Industrial Council, and PGE.